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B: September 22, 1936 in Montréal, Québec

Robin Gammell began his career as a junior ensemble member at Ontario’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival. His credits there include Robin Starveling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Octavius in Julius Caesar, Ariel in The Tempest, and Malcolm in Macbeth, which he also played when the production was relaunched for television in 1961 with Sean Connery in the title role. This training prepared him for this early work in the dying days of television’s Golden Age when dramatic programs produced episodes that were different productions with usually wholly different casts. In these cases we have followed the title of the production with the name of program, for example, Festival, Armchair Theatre, First Person or Playdate. Robin Gammell was nominated for a Genie Award for Best Actor, at the 1st Genie Awards in 1980, for his work in the film Klondike Fever.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Mrs. Wickens in the Fall (TV-1957 – BBC Sunday-Night Theatre)

Julius Caesar (TV-1960, Festival)
Some Talk of Alexander (TV-1960, Armchair Theatre)
A Matter of Some Importance (TV-1960, First Person)
Macbeth (TV-1961)
Some Talk of Alexander (TV-1961, Playdate)
The Man Born to Be King (TV-1961)
Pictures in the Hallway (TV-1961, Festival)
The Killdeer (TV-1961, Festival)
The Lady’s Not for Burning (TV-1962, Festival)
Come To Me (TV-1962, Playdate)
Blue and White (TV-1963, Playdate)
Hamlet (1964)

The Pyx (1973)
Sweet Movie (1974)
Hitler (TV-1974, Witness to Yesterday)
Lipstick (1976)
Raid on Entebbe (TV-1976)
Panic in Echo Park (TV-1977)
Rituals (1977)
Full Circle (1977)
The Winds of Kitty Hawk (TV-1978)
The War Is Over (1978, short)
Jennifer: A Woman’s Story (TV-1979)
The Promise (1979)
The Concorde… Airport ’79 (1979)

Klondike Fever (1980)
Circle of Two (1981)
Murder by Phone (1982)
Highpoint (1982)
Wait Until Dark (TV-1982)
Thursday’s Child (TV-1983)
Deadly Lessons (TV-1983)
Missing Pieces (TV-1983)
Wishman (TV-1983)
The Last Ninja (TV-1983)
The Star Chamber (1983)
Nightmares (1983)
Happy Endings (TV-1983)
A Case of Libel (TV-1983)
The Vegas Strip War (TV-1984)
Kids Don’t Tell (TV-1985)
Picking Up the Pieces (TV-1985)
Striker’s Mountain (TV-1985)
Streets of Justice (TV-1985)
Between the Darkness and the Dawn (TV-1985)
Project X (1987)
The King of Love (TV-1987)
An Enemy Among Us (TV-1987)
Scandal in a Small Town (TV-1988)
Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure (TV-1989)

Guilty by Suspicion (1991)
Majority Rule (TV-1992)
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)
When the Vows Break (TV-1995)
Net Worth (TV-1995)
Circuit Breaker (TV-1996)
If These Walls Could Talk (TV-1996)
Jules (TV-1996)
The Arrow (TV-1997)
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Contact (1997)
Bulworth (1998)
Thanks of a Grateful Nation (TV-1998)
Last Night (1998)
Bone Daddy (1998)
His Bodyguard (TV-1998)
The Girl Next Door (TV-1998)
Mutiny (TV-1999)

Skyline (2010)
Herbert (2011, short)
Victory Blvd (2012)
Lonely Boy (2013)
She’s in Portland (2018)

TV Series – Cast:
The Other Man (1963, mini-series)

The National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway (1974, mini-series)
A Man Called Intrepid (1979, mini-series)

The Blue and the Gray (1982, mini-series)
Lincoln (1988, mini-series)

WIOU (1990-1991)
Sinatra (1992, mini-series)

Manhattan, AZ (2000)

TV Series – Guest appearances:

Emergency-Ward 10 (1960)
Quest (1963)

Dr. Simon Locke (1974)
The Rockford Files (1978)
Kaz (1978)
The Lazarus Syndrome (1979_

Lou Grant (1980)
Trapper John, M.D. (1982)
Hill Street Blues (1982, 1983, 1986)
The Paper Chase (1983)
Bay City Blues (1983, 1984)
Simon & Simon (1985)
The Edison Twins (1985)
The Twilight Zone (1986)
L.A. Law (1987)
Roomies (1987)
Beauty and the Beast (1987)
Our House (1987)
Wiseguy (1988, 1989)
Murder, She Wrote (1988, 1992)

The Commish (1991)
The Boys of Twilight (1992)
Sweating Bullets (1992)
E.N.G. (1992)
Matlock (1993)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993)
Street Legal (1993, 1994)
M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994)
Amazing Grace (1995)
Murder One (1995)
Dark Skies (1996, 1997)
Millennium (1996, 1997)
The Practice (1997)
C-16: FBI (1997)
Party of Five (1998)
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension (1998)

Judging Amy (2000, 2001, 2005)
Providence (2001)
Earth: Final Conflict (2002)
Strong Medicine (2002)
Nip/Tuck (2005)
Saving Grace (2007)
Eli Stone (2008)
The Border (2009)

How to Get Away with Murder (2014)

The Pyx, movie, poster,
Poster for the 1973 movie The Pyx was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.