127 minutes – Documentary
Languages: Arabic, English, French, and Kurdish.
Festival release date: 2022 – Hot Docs
Release date: January 20, 2023
Production company: metafilms
Canadian distributor: Maison 4:3

Rojek encounters incarcerated members of the Islamic State from all over the world, as well as their wives detained in prison-camps, who are sharing a common dream: establishing a caliphate. Confronted with the fundamentalist beliefs of the jihadists, the film attempts to trace the beginning, the rise and fall of the Islamic State (ISIS) through their personal stories. These conversations are the thread along which the documentary evolves, as it is intertwined with various sequences depicting current, post-war Syrian Kurdistan. The feature documentary offers an intimate gaze at an unknown reality, testifying of pivotal moments experienced by the actors of this conflict. It tackles how this ideological war is only the beginning of a new kind of threat.

Rojeck was given The DGC Special Jury Prize for Canadian Feature Documentary at the 2022 Hot Docs Canadian and International Documentary Film Festival.
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Audrey-Ann Dupuis-Pierre
Sylvain Corbeil
Zaynê Akyol


Zaynê Akyol


Nicolas Canniccioni
Arshia Shakiba


Mathieu Bouchard-Malo


Roger Tellier-Craig