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Run Robot Run!


82 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release date:
DVD Release date:
Canadian distributor: Darius Films

If you grew up in the 1950s and were old enough to watch TV on your own you will probably remember all those neat shows about the future. Back then the future was some great thing to look forward to where mankind would live a life of leisure and work, from mundane household chores to building rocket ships to take us into space would be handled by friendly robots. Meet Kent Weston, played by Chris Gibbs. Kent lives in that sort of future. Well, almost. Life is not just comfortable but comfortably predictable as well. And then one day Kent is demoted because his job has been given to a robot (Peter Mooney) named, Adam. A very human kind of robot. A good looking, perhaps even sexy robot. The real story behind the film begins when Kent’s main crush, Allison (Lara Kelly), becomes more interested in the robot than in him. Calling on his techno-savvy pal Garth, Kent sets out to destroy the robotic interloper. Stymied in his initial efforts, Kent`s plans become more and more complex, until he ultimately succeeds in frying Adam’s circuits. Kent gets his old job back, but he fails to win back Allison who thinks his behaviour was cruel. Alone with just the cold comfort of his own well-oiled routine, Kent begins to question just how much robot there is in him and how much human there was in Adam.

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Daniel O’Connor
Lauren Woodcock

Executive Producer:

Nicholas Tabarrok


Page Ostrow

Associate Producer:

Lauren Woodcock

Line Producer:

Philip Svoboda


Daniel O’Connor


Daniel O’Connor


Gregor Hagey


Gareth Scales


Evelyne Datl

Production Designer:

Vlasta Svoboda

Art Director:

David Chevalier

Costume Designer:

Emily Cade

Cast: Roles:

Chris Gibbs
Lara Kelly
Peter Mooney
Christian Potenza
Don Allison
Tarah Consoli
Jamie Holmes
Sandy Jobin-Bevans
Christine Maharaj
Paolo Mancini
Brad Papernick
Renee Percy
Trip Phoenix
Sandi Ross

Kent Weston
Allison Hadley
Mr. Gardner
Fantasy Woman
Ed Starr
Attractive Office Woman
Employee #2
Young Woman