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B: in Nepean, Ontario

Vikram Sahay has acquired some extensive credits in his relatively short career. While attending Theatre Performance at Montreal’s Concordia University, Sahay began his foray into the professional world of acting. In addition to his work on television and in film, he has performed extensively in theatres across Canada and the United States and he maintains homes in Los Angeles and Toronto. Known for playng Lester Patel on the series Chuck and its various one-offs, Sahay has joined the cast of American Reunion slated for release in April of 2012. The story centers on the Great Falls High School 10-year reunion, and will bring back the entire original cast of the 1999 comedy American Pie including fellow Canadian actor Eugene Levy. Sahay will play the boss of Seann William Scott’s character, Steve Stifler. Vik Sahay’s character was a nerd in high school who now relishes being the boss of an egotistical jock like Stifler.

Features & TV Movies:

VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

For Better or for Worse: The Last Camping Trip (voice, TV-1992)

For Better or for Worse: A Christmas Angel (voice, TV-1992)

For Better or for Worse: A Valentine from the Heart (voice, TV-1993)

For Better or for Worse: The Good-for-Nothing (voice, TV-1993)

For Better or for Worse: The Babe Magnet (voice, TV-1994)

For Better or for Worse: A Storm in April (voice, TV-1995)

Rainbow (1995)

Hollow Point (1996)

Everything to Gain (TV-1996)

Balls Up (TV-1997)

Platinum (TV-1997)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon (TV-1998)

eXistenZ (1999)

A Slight Case of Murder (TV-1999)

If You Believe (TV-1999)

The Ride (TV-2000)

A Mother’s Fight for Justice (TV-2001)

Spinning Out of Control (TV-2001)

Wings of Hope (2001)

Escape from the Newsroom (TV-2002)

Family Curse (TV-2003)

Fast Food High (2003)

Running Towards Tomorrow (2005)

My Uncle Navy and Other Inherited Disorders (2005)

Mayday (TV-2005)

Murder Unveiled (TV-2005)

The Path to 9/11 (TV-2006)

Living Death (VR-2006)

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming (TV-2007)

Amal (2007)

Roxy Hunter and the Myth of the Mermaid (TV-2008)

Roxy Hunter and the Secret of the Shaman (TV-2008)

Roxy Hunter and the Mystery of the Moody Ghost (TV-2008)

Roxy Hunter and the Horrific Halloween (TV-2008)

The Rocker (2008)

Time Bomb (2008)

Chili & Cheese: A Condimental Rift (2009, short)

The Jeffster Revolution (VR-2010, short)

Afghan Luke (2011)

American Reunion (2012)

TV Series – Cast:
Radio Active (1998-1999)

Our Hero (2000-2002)

This Is Wonderland (2005-2006)

Chuck (2007-2011)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
You Can’t Do That on Television (1986, 1987)

Blue Murder (2001)

Tom Stone (2002)

Beyblade (2002)

Doc (2003)

Without a Trace (2004)

Las Vegas (2007)

Buy More (2008)

Afghan Luke, movie poster
Poster for the 2011 movie Afghan Luke