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B: 1941 in Kashmir, India

Vic Sarin is a director and cinematographer and has received both Genie and Emmy nominations and numerous other accolades, including the Kodak Achievement Award. He grew up in Kashmir at the time of the Partition. His father operated a local movie theater, and it was here that his love for the cinema was born. After the Partition, Sarin’s father joined the Indian foreign-service in New Delhi. Later when he was posted to Australia he knew his son would miss many of his teenaged friends and so for his 16th birthday he gave the future cinematographer and director a 16-mm movie camera. Sarin has said, “I fell in love with the visual side of storytelling, because movies transcend all barriers. Pictures are understood in every language.” Sarin says actor Gordon Pinsent inspired him to come to Canada. While in Australia, he happened to see Pinsent playing an RCMP officer in a television series. As he once explained, “I would see all the pine trees and snow-capped mountains and wide open spaces of Canada. I was totally in love with the country.” Sarin moved to Vancouver in the 1960s and worked for the CBC for 23 years as a director and photographer before striking out on his own in the early 1980s to direct films, first for others, and then through his own company, Sepia Films. His film, A Shine of Rainbows, was selected to open the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival.

We list his credits as a director

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Passengers (TV-1980)
The Other Kingdom (TV-1984)
So Many Miracles (1987)
Cold Comfort (1989)

The David Milgaard Story (TV-1992)
Trial at Fortitude Bay (TV-1994)
Spenser: Pale Kings and Princes (TV-1994)
Wounded Heart (TV-1995)
The Legend of Gator Face (1996)
Hearts Adrift (TV-1996)
In His Father’s Shoes (TV-1997)
Harlequin’s The Waiting Game (TV-1998)
Hard to Forget (TV-1998)
Sea People (TV-1999)

Left Behind (VR-2000)
Recipe for Murder (TV-2001)
Deluxe Combo Platter (2004)
Partition (2007)
A Shine of Rainbows (2008)

The Boy from Geita (2013, documentary)

TV Series: At least 1 episode of:
Spenser: For Hire (1985)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)

Neon Rider (1990)
Millennium (1992)
Hope Island (1999)

Flatland (2002)

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