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B: in Québec

Patrice Sauvé is one of Quebec’s busiest commercial and television directors. Originally involved in the production of documentaries, series for youth and cultural and current affairs programs, in 2001 he directed La Vie, la vie, which was both a popular and critical success, picking up 10 Gémeaux Awards including best director for two years running. His next two series, Grande Ourse and L’Héritière de Grande Ourse both received Gémeaux for best direction, winning a total of 20 Gémeaux awards.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

The Cleaners (1990, short)
Chronique de Sireniki (1990, documentary)

Cheech (2006)
La Grande Ourse – La clé des possibles (2009)

Ça sent la coupe (2017)

TV Series:
Dance in the Century (1991-1992, 5 episode documentary)
Feu Vert (1992-1993)
Kaléidoscope I-II (1993-1994, 48 episodes)
L’Été en Ville (1994, 60 episodes)
Sur la Piste I-II (1995-1997, 56 episodes)
Generation W I-II (1996-1998, 52 episodes)
Bon Baiser d’Amérique (1997-1998, 104 episodes)
Arnaques (1998-1999, 10 episodes)

La vie, la vie (2002, 39 episodes)
Grande ourse (2002-2003, 10 episodes)
Ciao Bella (2003, 13 episodes)
L’héritière de grande ourse (2004-2005, 10 episodes)

Les Parents (2010, 8 episodes)
Vertige (2011, 5 episodes)
Karl & Max (2015, 10 episodes)