Score: A Hockey Musical


92-minutes – Musical
Language: English
Festival release date: September 9, 2010 – TIFF
Release date: October 22, 2010
DVD release date: January 18, 2011
Canadian Distributor: Mongrel Media

Olivia Newton-John and Marc Jordan play the intellectual parents of a teenage hockey phenom who goes from obscurity to overwhelming fame in a matter of weeks. Their son, seventeen-year-old Farley, has led a sheltered life and was raised on a diet of home schooling, organic living and trips to the art gallery. To his parents’ dismay, Farley loves to play shinny with the local rink rats. To their even greater dismay, Farley is scouted and signed by the owner of a junior league team, where he becomes an instant star. But Farley discovers that stardom comes with a price—including the expectation to fight on the ice. Throw in a changing relationship with his best friend (Allie MacDonald), and Farley finds himself losing his way.

Score: A Hockey Musical was selected to be the opening gala film for the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Michael McGowan
Avi Federgreen

Executive Producer:

Richard Hanet
Jody Colero


Michael McGowan


Michael McGowan


Rudolph Blahachek


Roderick Deogrades


Jonathan Goldsmith

Cast: Roles:

Noah Reid
Allie MacDonald
Olivia Newton-John
Marc Jordan
Stephen McHattie
John Pyper-Ferguson
Hawksley Workman
Nellie Furtado
Dave Bidini
Chris Smith
Karl Campbell
Marc Trottier
Gianpaolo Venuta
Dru Viergever
Chris Ratz
George Stroumboulopoulos
Evan Soloman
Brandon Firla
John Robinson
Walter Gretzky
Theo Fleury
John McDermott
Paul O’Sullivan
Miles Faber
Ryan Allen

Farley Gordon
Hope Gordon
Edgar Gordon
Walt Acorn, Hockey Team Owner
Coach Donker
Stan, Rink Rat # 1
Rink Rat # 2
Rink Rat # 3
Jean Luc Pierre
Henri Marco
Moose Maurice the Goalie
Arena Announcer
TV Newscaster
Don Mohan
Sports Agent
Ace the trainer
Himself (Anthem Singer)
Blades Player
Devil’s Player #1