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B: 1943

David Secter, pictured on the set of his 1976 feature, Getting Together, is an award-winning writer, producer, and director of numerous narrative and documentary features, TV specials and theater productions. He began his film career with Love With The Proper Guppy, a short sold to The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His first feature Winter Kept Us Warm, was made while he was a student at The University of Toronto and was the first English Canadian feature selected for The Cannes Film Festival. It won awards in Amsterdam and Montreal. His next movie The Offering was nominated for a Canadian Film Award as Best Picture of the Year. It screened on network television, and was released theatrically by Columbia Pictures, which also distributed his family featurette The Harrowing Tale of the Haunted Lighthouse. Secter also produced numerous arts specials like Pacific Passions shot at the Festival of Pacific Arts in New Caledonia and BURN about the Burning Man Arts Festival, but we do not have dates for those projects.

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