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Mack Sennett – Director


B: January 17, 1880 in Richmond, Québec
D: November 5, 1960 in Woodland Hills, California

Often called “The King of Comedy,” Mack Sennett was born Mikall Sinnott in the Eastern Townships south of Montréal, Québec. Oddly enough, for a man who would end up with that title, he actually started out wanting to be an opera singer. Whatever his ambitions were, his parents moved to Connecticut when he was 17 and in 1902 he was working as a common laborer. These are his credits as a director.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Effecting a Cure

The Manicure Lady
Dutch Gold Mine
Caught With The Goods
The Diving Girl
The Baron
Through His Wife`s Picture
A Victim of Circumstances
Why He Gave Up

The When the Fire Bell Rang
The Water Nymph
The Fatal Chocolate
A Spanish Dilemma
The Engagement Ring
Hot Stuff
Oh, Those Eyes
Help! Help!
The Brave Hunter
Fickle Spaniard
The Furs
Helen’s Marriage
Tomboy Bessie
Katchem Kate
A Dash Through the Clouds
What The Doctor Ordered
The Tourists
Tragedy of the Dress Suit
The Interrupted Elopement
He Must Have a Wife
Cohen Collects a Debt
Riley and Shultz
The New Neighbor
Stolen Glory
Pedro’s Dilemma
The Beating He Needed
The Flirting Husband
Ambitious Butler
The Grocery Clerk’s Romance
At Coney Island
Mabel’s Lovers
At It Again
A Temperamental Husband
The Rivals
Mr. Fix-it
A Bear Escape
Brown’s Seance
A Family Mix-up
Mabel’s Adventures
Hoffmeyer’s Legacy
The Drummer’s Vacation
The Duel

Mabel’s Awful Mistakes
Love and Pain
His Crooked Career
For Lizzie’s Sake
Serving Mabel’s Dad
A Double Wedding
How Hiram Won Out
The Mistaken Masher
Just Brown’s Luck
The Battle of Who Run
Heinze’s Resurrection
The Professor’s Daughter
A Red Hot Romance
The Sleuths at the Floral Parade
A Strong Revenge
The Rube and the Baron
At Twelve O’Clock
Her New Beau
Those Good Old Days
The Ragtime Band
Hubby’s Job
The Foreman of the Jury
Barney Oldfield’s Race For Life
The Speed Queen
The Hansom Driver
The Waiter’s Picnic
Peeping Pete
A Bandit
The Telltale Light
A Noise From The Deep
The Riot
Mabel’s New hero
Mabel’s Dramatic Career
The Gypsy Queen
The Faithful Taxicab
When Dreams Come True
The Bowling Match
A Quiet Little Wedding
Love Sickness at Sea
A Muddy Romance
Cohen Saves the Flag
The Gusher
Zazu, the Band Leader

The Noise of Bombs
Mabel’s Strange Predicament
Mabel at the Wheel
His Talented Wife
The Fatal Mallet
Back at it Again
In The Clutches of the Gang
Tango Tangles
A Rural Demon
Tillie’s Punctured Romance

Love, Loot and Crash
The Little Teacher
Hushing the Scandal
Hearts and Planets
The Cannon Ball
My Valet

Wife and Auto Trouble
The Other Man
An Oily Scoundrel

Her Torpedoed Love

Home Talent

Oh, Mabel Behave

The Lion’s Roar
The Goodbye Kiss


Midnight Daddies
The Bride’s Relations
The Old Barn
Whirls and Girls
The Bee’s Buzz
The Big Palooka
Girl Crazy
The Barber’s Daughter
The Constable
The Lunkhead


Sugar Plum Papa
Grandma’s Girl


Blue of the Night
One More Chance
Movie Town
I Surrender Dear
Dream House


Billboard Girl
One More Chance


Sing, Bing, Sing


Way Up Thar


The Road to Hollywood (only directed a few scenes with Bing Crosby)