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Séraphin: Un Homme et son péché


128 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 29, 2002
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm

Based on the 1933 novel by Claude-Henri Grignon, Séraphin: Un Homme et son péché (Séraphin: Heart of Stone) is set in the 1890s in rural Quebec. Donalda (Karine Vanasse) is madly in love with the dashing Alexis (Roy Dupuis), but their romance is put on hold when he takes off to seek his fortune. Her father (Rémy Girard) is having trouble keeping his business going and goes to Séraphin (Lebeau), the town’s mayor, for help. This turns out to be a big mistake. Séraphin, who controls most of the village and takes delight in pushing others to ruin, demands the hand of Donalda in marriage as the price for his help. This being a Thomas Hardy-esque style Victorian drama, things turn out very badly when Alexis returns. A remake of Un Homme et son peché (1949), director Charles Binamé remains faithful to the Québec classic without making it seem dated. – Essential Guide to Canadian Film

Séraphin: Un Homme et son péché won a number of Jutra Awards as well as the Golden Reel at the 2003 Genie Awards.



Luc Martineau
Loraine Richard


Charles Binamé


Charles Binamé
Pierre Billon


Jean Lépine


Michel Arcand


Michel Cusson

Cast: Roles:

Pierre Lebeau
Karine Vanasse
Roy Dupuis
Rémy Girard
Robert Brouillette
Céline Bonnier
Benoît Brière
Yves Jacques
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Pierrette Robitaille
Julien Poulin
Normand Chouinard
Robert Lalonde
Louise Portal
Marie Tifo
Catherine Trudeau
Marie-Michelle Garon
Luc Proulx
Reynald Bouchard
Sylvain Massé
Denys Chapdelaine
Amélie Richer
Gaston Caron
Emmanuelle Jimenez
Geneviève Laroche
Luc Roy
François Benjamin
Marc Hébert
Maxime Dumontier
Josée Martin
Jules Charbonneau
Samuel Benjamin
Florence Benjamin
Isabelle Bilodeau
Christian Baril
Élie Benjamin
Richard Lemire
Luc Bergeron
Jacinthe Potvin
Claire Jacques
Dominic Moras
Marc Bernard

Séraphin Poudrier
Donalda Laloge
Alexis Labranche
Father Laloge
Bidou Laloge
Peg leg
Notary Le Potiron
Olympe Le Potiron
Mrs. Malterre
Father Ovide
Curate Raudin
Dr. Cyprien
Delphine Lacoste
Délima Greenwood
Hector Brochu
Nicolas Fournier
Joe Lachaîne
Louis Lemont
Marie-Ange Laloge
Luc Destreilles
Julie Deschênes
Jules Pomerleau
Funeral Priest
Richard Bossé
Young Séraphin at 11
Mother of Séraphin
Mr Prout-Prout
Baby Brochu #1
Baby Brochu #2
Baby Brochu #3
Bastien Brochu
Altar boy
Woodcutter #1
Woodcutter #2
Marie-Louise Brochu
Large peasant woman
Matthieu Fournier
A friend of Alexis