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Sicilian Vampire


124 minutes – Horror
Release date: February 26, 2016 (Woodbridge, Ontario)
US release date: February 19, 2016 (Tampa, Florida)
Canadian distributor: In Your Ear Productions

Equal parts Goodfellas and Dusk till Dawn, Sicilian Vampire tells the story of reputed mobster Sonny Trafficante who was hoping to get away to the family hunt lodge for a little rest and relaxation and create some memories. Instead, what he got was a night he will never forget. Once there, Sonny is bitten by a bat released from a container of bananas they brought up to the lodge. The bat takes a vicious bite of Sonny’s neck and then flies off into the night. From that moment on Sonny is entrusted with powers beyond that of any mortal – supersonic hearing, enhanced sight, and superhuman strength – even the ability to speak to the dead. Because of these heightened senses Sonny now feels a responsibility to right the wrongs in his life, and protect those he loves. At first, he resists these new found powers but in the end he welcomes his fate.

Sicilian Vampire, movie poster



Mike Cecere

Executive Producer:

Frank D’Angelo


Frank D’Angelo


Frank D’Angelo


Jeremy Major


Robin Gardiner Davids
Jeremy Majo
Tim Nanasi


Frank D’Angelo

Cast: Roles:

Vittorio Altomare
Armand Assante
Daniel Baldwin
Dee Dee Benkie
James Caan
George Chuvalo
Frank D’Angelo
Robert Davi
Ellen Dubin
Phil Esposito
Lina Giornofelice
Daryl Hannah
Robin Sue Hertz Hemple
Art Hindle
Nina Iordanova
Spider Jones
Richard Lett
Robert Loggia
Amanda Martínez
Tony Nardi
Jack Newman
Michael Paré
Eric Roberts
Tony Rosato
Bonnie Siu
Paul Sorvino
Katerina Maria Vitkoff

Cousin Vic
Jimmy’s Assistant
Professor Bernard Issaacs
The Don’s Bodyguard
Santino Trafficante Jr. (Santo)
Big Sal – The Don
Vince’s Mistress
Philly (friend of Santo’s at Don Giovanni’s)
Little Anthony’s mistress
Carmelina Trafficante
Sammy’s mistress
Detective Domenic Durpray
Anna Marie Trafficante (A.M.)
The Don’s Bodyguard
Strip Club Announcer
Santino Trafficante Sr.
Sofia (Sonny’s mistress)
Little Anthony (Sonny’s wise guy)
Emergency Room Doctor
Detective Louis Marshall
Maitre D’ at Don Giovanni’s
Dancing Best Friend
Jimmy Scambino