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Silent Hill

Silent Hill

127 minutes – Horror
Language: English
Release date: April 21, 2006
DVD release date: August 26, 2002
Canadian Distributor: Odeon Films

A Canada-Japan-USA-France co-production, Silent Hill centres on a young girl who experiences repeated but unrecallable nightmares. In an attempt to ascertain the cause of her problems her mother decides to take her to the town she cries for in her sleep. Following a car accident they become separated and the mother sets out to find her daughter but encounters a world of fog and ash, unpredictable creatures, faith and hell, all within the boundaries of the small town of Silent Hill. The movie is based on the long-running, highly popular Japanese survival/horror video game franchise which has produced five games as of June 2006, all of which were released to critical acclaim. Gameplay includes action as well as puzzles, detailed environments, and storylines revealed through numerous cinematic scenes. The games unfold like a movie but offer players several different endings. The movie is based on the first three games but there are many differences between the games and the movie. For example, in the game, Silent Hill 4, the town is listed as being in Maine but the movie places Silent Hill in the fictional county of Toluca, West Virginia.

Photo and poster courtesy of Odeon Films

Silent Hill, movie poster



Don Carmody
Samuel Hadida


Christophe Gans


Roger Avery


Dan Laustsen


Sébastien Prangère


Jeff Danna
Akira Yamaoka

Cast: Roles:

Jodelle Ferland
Radha Mitchell
Sean Bean
Laurie Holden
Deborah Kara Unger
Kim Coates
Tanya Allen
Alice Krige
Colleen Williams
Ron Gabriel
Derek Ritschel
Amanda Hiebert
Nicky Guadagni
Maxine Dumont
Christopher Britton

Sharon DaSilva/Alessa Gillespie
Rose Da Silva
Christopher DaSilva
Cybil Bennett
Dahlia Gillespie
Officer Thomas Gucci
Young Police Officer
Gas Attendant
Distressed Woman
Christabella’s Aide