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B: February 8, 1927 in Montréal, Québec
D: July 26, 2011 in London, England

Silvio Narizzano was born in Montréal, grew up there and attended Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Québec. After graduation, he joined the Mountain Playhouse in Montréal, which was run by Joy Thompson, a leading figure in English-language theatre in Québec and a great influence on Narizzano. He went on to work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), working first as an assistant to Norman Jewison and Arthur Hiller. As a director he worked on what were in essence made-for-television dramas, most of them live broadcasts, during the Golden Age of Television, the 1950s. He did much the same in England and became an important director, earning plaudits for his work on ITV Television Playhouse (1956-60), a series of Saki tales (1962) and ITV Play of the Week (1956-63). His feature debut was Fanatic (1965), a Hammer horror film notable for being Tallulah Bankhead’s last movie. He is undoubtedly best knowm for his swinging London romantic comedy Georgy Girl (1966), with Lynn Redgrave in the title role, Charlotte Rampling as her sexy and amoral flatmate, Alan Bates and James Mason. Narizzano was 84 when he died in London, England in 2011. He wrote a highly personal letter to Northernstars in 2006, five years before his passing and an edited version of that letter can be found here.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

All My Sons (TV-1952, General Motors Theatre)
The Moneymakers (TV-1952, General Motors Theatre)
The Apple (TV-1953, Ford Theatre Playbill)
Operation North Star (TV-1953, General Motors Theatre)
Roman Gesture (TV-1954, General Motors Theatre)
Garden in the Sea (TV-1955, General Motors Theatre)
A Touch of Light (TV-1955, General Motors Theatre)
The Closing Door (TV-1955, General Motors Theatre)
The Glass Empire (TV-1955, General Motors Theatre)
Approach to Theatre (1956, short, documentary)
The Lion’s Share One Bright Day (TV-1956, ITV Television Playhouse)
Shooting Star (TV-1956, ITV Play of the Week)
Look Back in Anger (co-director, TV-1956, ITV Play of the Week)
Home of the Brave (TV-1957, ITV Play of the Week)
An Enemy of the People (TV-1957, ITV Play of the Week)
Boy Meets Girl (TV-1957, ITV Play of the Week)
Death of a Salesman (TV-1957, ITV Play of the Week)
Guest in the House (TV-1957, ITV Television Playhouse)
Thunder on Sycamore Street (TV-1957, ITV Television Playhouse)
Cry Silence (TV-1958, ITV Television Playhouse)
The Myth Makers (TV-1958, ITV Play of the Week)
The Troublemakers (TV-1958, ITV Play of the Week)
Mary Broome (TV-1958, ITV Play of the Week)
Ebb Tide (TV-1958, ITV Play of the Week)
Doomsday for Dyson (TV-1958)
A Memory of Two Mondays (TV-1959, ITV Television Playhouse)
Sugar in the Morning (TV-1959, ITV Play of the Week)
Shadow of a Pale Horse (TV-1959, ITV Play of the Week)
The Fallen Idol (TV-1959, DuPont Show of the Month)

The Shrike (TV-1960, ITV Play of the Week)
The Protest (TV-1960, ITV Play of the Week)
Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman’s Life (TV-1961)
War and Peace (TV-1963, ITV Play of the Week)
The Glass Menagerie (TV-1964, ITV Play of the Week)
Better Luck Next Time (TV-1964, Drama 61-67)
The Old Boys (TV-1965, The Story Parade)
The Baby Sitter (TV-1965, The Wednesday Thriller)
Georgy Girl (1965)
Blue (1968)

Loot (1970)
Poet Game (TV-1971)
Pal (TV-1971, Play for Today)
Senza ragione (1973)
The Cafeteria (TV-1974, BBC2 Playhouse)
Las flores del vicio (1975)
Why Shoot the Teacher (1977)
Come Back, Little Sheba (TV-1977)
The Class of Miss MacMichael (1978)

Staying On (1980)
Choices (1981)
Young Shoulders (TV-1984, Play for Today)

TV Series:
Chelsea at Nine (1959)
On Trial (196)
Family Solicitor (1961)
Saki (1962, mini-series)
Zero One (1962, 1963, 1965)
Maupassant (1963)
Paris 1900 (1964, mini-series)
Court Martial (1966)
Thirteen against Fate (1966)

Country Matters (1973)

Miss Marple (1984, mini-series)
Mystery! (1986)

Alleyn Mysteries (1990, 1993)
Space Precinct (1995)

Credits as a Producer:

Georgy Girl, movie, poster,

Why Shoot the Teacher, movie, poster,
This poster for was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.