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Some Things That Stay


96 minutes – Drama
Release date: November 5, 2004
DVD release date: April 26, 2005
Canadian Distributor: Christal Films

It’s 1954 and Tamara Anderson, played by Toronto-born Katie Boland (and daughter of director Gail Harvey) is tired of a life on the move. Her family, headed by British actor Stuart Wilson and Alberta Watson as mom, has shifted from place to place and their most recent address is a rural farmhouse that they’ve rented. After they move in they discover the that the owners moved out after their 17-year-old son died in the home. Tamara is shocked at first when she finds out the boy died in her bedroom. But they begin to settle in, and they start making friends with the neighbors and they learn how to milk the cow that comes with the house. However, this somewhat bucolic setting begins to change when Tamara`s mother is diagnosed with tuberculosis and is sent to a sanatorium to recuperate. Without her the family begins to unravel.

Production still and poster courtesy of Christal Films

Some Things That Stay, movie poster,



Don Carmody
Catherine Gourdier

Executive Producer:

Simon Dekaric
Martin Katz
Hassain Zaidi


Gail Harvey


Catherine Gourdier
Sarah Willis


Frank Tidy


Simon Cozens

Cast: Roles:

Katie Boland
Stuart Wilson
Jack Knight
Alberta Watson
Jordan Allison
Yannick Bisson
Megan Park
Nadia Litz
Peter MacNeill
Geraint Wyn Davies
Keven Zegers
Julian Richings
Ken James
Barry Flatman

Tamara Anderson
Stuart Anderson
Robert Anderson
Liz Anderson
Timothy Burns
Dr. Ostrum
Brenda Murphy
Helen Murphy
Mr. Burns
Mr. Murphy
Rusty Murphy
The Minister
Doctor William
Doctor Gordon