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B: in Calgary, Alberta

Paul Spence in a publicity still from the Alliance Films 2010 release Fubar II. Spence was one of the creative forces behind the cult hit, Fubar and Fubar II. Spence and fellow Calgarian, David Lawrence had created a late-century version of Doug and Bob Mackenzie, playing headbanging, beer-drinking, mullet-sporting stereotype characters Terry and Dean. When director, Michael Dowse came along, the project that would become Fubar began to take shape. It was shot on location in Calgary, and Spence co-wrote and co-produced the film. Spence grew up in Calgary, Alberta and has been active in improvisation since he was 16. He honed his talents at the Loose Moose Theatre Co. until he was 19 when he moved to Northern B.C. to work on the pipelines. Spence then moved to Montreal where he got his degree in English Literature and applied this new knowledge as he toured with his band the Daylight Lovers. In 2000, when he wasn’t teaching children how to play heavy metal bass guitar, he and his band toured the Eastern U.S. and Canada in support of their full length CD on Sympathy Records. Spence has written for many magazines including VICE, Maxim, and a number of weekly magazines in both Montreal and Calgary. As it says in his one of his media release, “He enjoys hot tub girls, snowmobiling, pancake make-up and collects rare and unique tablecloths.”

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Fubar II (2010)
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