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102 minutes – Satirical comedy
Release date: October 13, 2000
DVD release date:
Canadian distributor: Alliance Atlantis

Tina Menzhal (newcomer Jessica Paré) plays for the woman’s hockey team in Cornwall, Ontario. At a team practice, a local photographer snaps some shots of her which he hopes to sell on the open market. They get into the hands of a local talent agent who sees the potential in Tina’s fresh-faced beauty. She is called into the agency and given the full model “treatment.” Tina is hired for her first commercial, to promote a local diary product, where she meets fashion photographer Philippe Gascon. Gascon promotes her, and soon Tina has left the agency and is on her way to Paris and the big time. Through a montage of media, we experience an exciting glimpse of the elite world of the super-beautiful and the superficial while revealing the dark side of idolization, power and exploitation that accompanies it.

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Stardom, movie poster



Robert Lantos
Denise Robert


Philippe Carcassonne

Associate Producer:

Eric Landau (Paris)

Line Producer:

Brigitte Faure
Daniel Louis


Denys Arcand


Denys Arcand
Jacob Potashnik


Guy Dufaux


Isabelle Dedieu


François Dompierre

Production Designer:

Zoe Sakellaropoulo

Art Director:

Jean Morin

Cast: Roles:

Jessica Paré
Dan Aykroyd
Charles Berling
Frank Langella
Robert Lepage
Patrick Huard
Tony Calabretta
Larry Day
Jayne Heitmeyer
Victoria Snow
Allen Altman
Bronwen Mantel
Jennifer Morehouse
Noël Burton
Catherine Bégin
Rachelle Lefevre
Holly O’Brien
Ellen David
Macha Grenon

Tina Menzhal
Barry Levine
Philippe Gascon
Blaine de Castillon
Bruce Taylor
Talkshow host
Bernie Placek
Brian O’Connell
Penelope Vargas
Ann Menzhal, Tina`s mother
Byron Woodrow
Telethon host