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Stars on the Rainbow Carpet at Inside Out


(May 24, 2017 – Toronto, ON) One of the great things about film festivals, in addition to the movies, is a chance to see and often talk to or ask questions of the stars that show up to support their films. The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival is no different and today they announced a long list of special stars who will be in Toronto starting this Friday when the festival launches its 27th edition.

Over 70 filmmakers and special guests are expected to present their films at this year’s Festival including actor/director/YouTube personality Max Emerson, Canadian comedian Caroline Rhea, soap stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia, comedians Fawzia Mirza and Shawn Hitchins, LGBTQ icon Jewel Thais-Williams and more. As previously announced, YouTube Personality Tyler Oakley will also be attending this year’s Festival as a part of Inside Out’s Youth Day.

Following, in alphabetical order by film title, is the list of guests expected at The Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival:


A MILLION HAPPY NOWS: Crystal Chappell (producer/actor), Jessica Leccia (actor), Marisa Calin (producer)

A VERY SORDID WEDDING (pictured): Caroline Rhea (actress), Del Shores (director/writer/producer)

AFTER LOUIE: Zachary Booth (actor), Wilson Echevarria (actor) Vincent Gagliostro (director), Anthony Johnston (co-writer/associate producer/actor), Lauren Belfer (producer), Jonathan Sheffer (composer), Bryce Renninger (producer)

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: TODRICK HALL: Katherine Fairfax Wright (director)

CHERRY POP: Alex Lampsos (producer)

EXTRA TERRESTRIALS: Carla Cavina (director)

FREE CECE: Jacqueline Gares (director)

GINGER NATION: Shawn Hitchins (subject/creator/producer), Matthew Hines (producer)

GOD’S OWN COUNTRY: Alec Secareanu (actor)

HELLO AGAIN: Tom Gustafson (director), Ash Christian (producer), Cory Krueckeberg (producer/writer), Michael John LaChiusa (composer)

HOOKED: Max Emerson (director/actor), Conor Donnally (actor), Sean Ormond (actor), Melissa Llewellyn (producer)

JEWEL’S CATCH ONE: Jewel Thais-Williams (subject), C. Fitz (director)

THE LAVENDER SCARE: David Johnson (author), Josh Howard (director)

MY WONDERFUL WEST BERLIN: Jochen Hick (director)

PROM KING, 2010: Christopher Schaap (writer/director/actor)

THE RING THING: Derek Dodge (writer/producer), Jess Weiss (producer), Matthew Connolly (actor), Nicole Pursell (actor), Sarah Wharton (actor/producer), William Sullivan (director)

SEBASTIAN: Brendan Whelton (producer), James Fanizza (director)

SENSITIVITY TRAINING: Megha Kohli (producer), Melissa Finell (writer/director)

SIGNATURE MOVE: Fawzia Mirza (actor/co-writer/producer), Lisa Donato (co-writer), Jennifer Reeder (director)

STUMPED: Robin Berghaus (director)

WOMAN ON FIRE: Georgia Brooke Guinan (subject), Jim Baker (subject)


195 LEWIS: Chanelle Aponte Pearson (director), Alyssa Hollins (producer/writer/actor)

AARSA: Kawa Hatef (writer/director)

APART FROM EVERYTHING: Ben Lewis (writer/director/producer), Lauren Collins (producer), Mercedes Grundy (proudcer)

ARRIVAL: Alexander Myung (director)

CAUTIOUS BIRTH: Evelyn Landow (director)

CONNECTIONS IN THE DARK: Raj Ramnauth (director), Sara Windrim (producer)

ENCUENTRO: Florencia Manovil (writer/director)

GABEY AND MIKE: Stephanie Markowitz (director/producer)

THE GIFT GIVER: Denis Theriault (director), Wayne Burns (producer)

GOLDEN BOYS : Andrew Musselman (writer/producer)

I WANT TO KILL MYSELF: Vivek Shraya (director)


JEREMY AND MARGOT MAKE A BABY: Clara Altimas (writer), Christopher Hayes (producer/actor)

JOANI: QUEEN OF THE PARADIDDLE!: Thuy Hoang Nguyen (associate producer)

K&A GO TO GAY CAMP: Katie Shannon (director)

LOCKJAW: Chris Birkmeier (director), Michael Lyle (actor)

LOVE YOU TO DEATH: Monica Garrido (director)

MEET ME UNDER THE CLOCK: Sonya Reynolds (director)

THE MESS HE MADE: Matthew Puccini (writer/director)

MICHAEL LOST AND FOUND: Gillian Nycum (producer)

MINE: Matthew Mogan (writer/director)

MONOGAMISH: Carlton Daniel (director/writer/producer)

THE NEWS TODAY: Lisa Donato (director/writer)

NIDAL: Tarek Turkey (director)

THE NIGHT CLEANER: Blair Fukumura (director)

OLDER THAN WHAT?: Steen Starr (director)

OUR PRACTICE: Elias Campbell (director)

PICTURE THIS: Jari Osborne (director)

PIECE OF CAKE: Ella Lentini (director), Ross Reinhardt (executive producer)

PLATYPUS: Reynier Cepero (director), Yunior Rojas (producer)

RAGE: Etamar Kadusheviz (director)

SECESSION: Yifan Sun (director)

SKID: Savannah Magruder (director)


SWIM: Katherine McEwan (producer/actor)

UNTITLED, L.A.: Sam Icklow (director)

US: Jessica Fuh (director)

WHAT ABOUT SHELLEY: Kyle Reaume (director)

WAFFLES: Foster Wilson (director)

This year, Inside Out will be introducing expanded industry programming which will include the inaugural edition of the Inside Out Film Finance Forum as well as panels on topics such as Trans Representation in Media moderated by activist Tiq Milan with actress Jen Richards and filmmaker/writer Chase Joynt as well as the Queer Sights and Queer Sounds panel with award-winning singer-songwriter T. Thomason and the multi-talented creator of That’s My DJ, D.W. Waterson participating in the discussion.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets to the Inside Out film festival and other May 2017 film festivals.