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Barry Stevens is a writer and filmmaker. He began his long film career as an actor, then wrote drama, and added documentary writing, including such films as the International Emmy Award-winning Gerrie & Louise (1997), about the South African Truth Commission. Stevens has a significant body of work in documentary including The Bomber’s Dream, which won the Silver Chris Award and the Writers Guild of Canada Award; and Offspring, about Stevens’ search for his own sperm-donor father. This film won the Donald Brittain Award, the IDFA Audience Award, and was nominated for an Emmy and a Grierson.
During his career, Stevens has, as of 2010, received 14 awards. We list his credits as a Director.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Boxcar Rebellion (co-director, TV-1997)
Doctor’s Strike (TV-1997)
Offspring (TV-1999)
Newfoundland on the Somme (1999)
The Great Atlantic Air Race (co-director, TV-2003)
The Bomber’s Dream (TV-2005)
Bio-Dad (TV-2007)
Nuclear Project (co-director, TV-2008)
Prosecutor (2009)
Remembering Juno (TV-2010)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
Recruits (co-writer, 1986)
Screwball Hotel (co-writer, 1987)
The Diary of Evelyn Lau (TV-1994)
Sexual Century (TV-1997)
Gerrie & Louise (co-writer, TV-1997)
Boxcar Rebellion (co-writer, TV-1997)
Doctor’s Strike (co-writer, TV-1997)
Newfoundland on the Somme (1999)
Offspring (TV-1999)
The Last Just Man (co-writer, TV-2001)
The Great Atlantic Air Race (co-writer, TV-2003)
Passchendaele (co-writer, TV-2003)
Souvenir of Canada (2003)
The Bomber’s Dream (TV-2005)
Bio-Dad (TV-2007)
Omar K (2009)
One UN Plaza (co-writer, TV-2009)
Prosecutor (2009)