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Stone of Destiny (2008)

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Stone of Destiny (2008)
Stone of Destiny
The film opens in Scotland in 1950, but the story of The Stone begins long before that. Better known as The Stone of Scone, it is believed to have first been used in the 9th century when the Scottish monarchy took their place on it during their coronation ceremony. But in 1296, Edward I, known as “Longshanks,” took the stone to Westminster Abbey to show the power England held over the Scots. The Stone was fitted into a wooden chair, known as St. Edward`s Chair, which has been used by all succeeding English sovereigns (except Queen Mary II) during the coronation ceremony. It was last used by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. But back to the story, and the film. Some seven centuries after The Stone was taken from Scotland, Ian Hamilton, a young political activist from Glasgow who is preparing to study law, persuades three friends to help him liberate The Stone. They break into Westminster Abbey in the early hours of Christmas morning and remove this powerful symbol of Scotland`s nationhood. To avoid detection and capture, they leave it in a field in Kent. Eventually, with some twists and turns, which includes a run-in with a group of “Travelers,” they are able to move the Stone to Scotland`s Arbroath Abbey. While their grand gesture ultimately results in their arrest, they are never prosecuted. The Stone was returned to Westminster Abbey, but with the re-emerging wave of Scottish nationalism The Stone of Destiny was returned to Edinburgh in 1996. The film is based On the Book “The Taking of The Stone of Destiny” by Ian Hamilton Q.C., who also shows up in a small role in the movie.

97 Minutes – Drama
Canadian Distributor: Alliance Films
Released February 20, 2009
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Stone of Destiny

Executive Producers:



Charlie Cox
Kate Mara
Stephen McCole
Ciaron Kelly
Billy Boyd
Robert Carlyle
Peter Mullan
Brenda Fricker
Juliet Cadzow
Alex Donald
John Comerford
Richard Addison
Danielle Stewart
Suzanne Dance
Pauline King
Bryan Lowe
Margaret Newlands
Ron Donachie
Rab Affleck
Stewart Porter
Bernard Horsfall
Stephen Clyde
Johnny Meres
Stewart Cairns
Ian Hamilton
Alan Cuthbertson
Gillian Aitken
Janine Ballantyne
Ross Bennie
Adrienne Fraser
Mark Harvey
Ashley McFarlane
Iain McGregor
Johnny Meres
Rod Scott
Adam Smith

Carole Sheridan
Victor Loewy
Andrew Boswell
Rob Merilees
Charles Martin Smith
Charles Martin Smith
Glen Winter
Fredrik Thorsen
Mychael Danna

Ian Hamilton
Kay Matheson
Gavin Vernon
Alan Stuart
Bill Craig
John MacCormick
Ian`s father
Mrs. McQuarry
Ian`s Mother
London Policeman
Pub Landlord
Tour Guide
Brochure Girl
Church Woman
Brian, Student in a Pub
B&B Owner
Murphy, Night Watchman
Elderly Traveler
Veteran in Pub
Abbey Constable
English Businessman
Police Officer CID
1950`s Student
1950`s Student
1950`s Student
1950`s Student
Cheering Student
Gavin`s Girl 1
Abbey Worker
Detective Simpkins