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B: September 6, 1975 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Sarah Strange grew up around the Canadian film and television industry, and decided at a very young age that she would never become a part of it. But once in high school and confronted by the realities of algebra, something in her genes pushed her towards her high school theatre department. At the age of eighteen, she landed her first professional job on the award-winning dramatic series Madison. At twenty-one, she won a Best Guest Performance Gemini for her portrayal as Rose,” a strung-out junkie hooker on the series, Neon Rider. She also played the role of “Helen”on the hit TV series, Da Vinci’s Inquest. She plays the role of Dani in the various Garage Sale made-for-TV movies.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Little Women (1994)
Mixed Blessings (TV-1995)
Deadlocked: Escape from Zone 14 (1995)
The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space (TV-1995)
Hideaway (1995)
An Unexpected Family (TV-1996)
Kitchen Party (1997)
Unwed Father (TV-1997)
An Unexpected Life (TV-1998)
Second Date (1999)

Ladies and the Champ (TV-2001)
The Piano Man’s Daughter (TV-2003)
Jack (TV-2003)
Pursued (2004)
Dark Arc (2004)
White Noise (2005)
The Zero Sum (2005)
.45 (2006)
Stargate: The Ark of Truth (VR-2008)
Personal Effects (2009)
Hostile Makeover (TV-2009)
The Farm (TV-2009)
Letters (2009)

The Pregnancy Project (TV-2012)
Garage Sale Mystery (TV-2013)
Honour Student (TV-2014)
Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters (TV-2014)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room (TV-2015)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress (TV-2015)
A Christmas Detour (TV-2015)
Garage Sale Mystery: Guilty Until Proven Innocent (TV-2016)
Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders (TV-2016)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Art of Murder (TV-2016)
On The Farm (2016)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder (TV-2017)
Garage Sale Mystery: Murder by Text (TV-2017)
Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval (TV-2017)
Garage Sale Mystery: A Case of Murder (TV-2017)
Garage Sale Mystery: Pandora’s Box (TV-2018)
Garage Sale Mystery: The Mask Murder (TV-2018)
Garage Sale Mysteries: Picture a Murder (TV-2018)
Garage Sale Mysteries: Murder In D Minor (TV-2018)
Garage Sale Mysteries: Searched & Seized (TV-2019)
A Summer Romance (TV-2019)
Christmas at Dollywood (TV-2019)

Caught in His Web (TV-2022)

TV Series – Cast:
Ranma 1/2 Nettohen (voice, 1989)

Madison (1993)
The Littlest Pet Shop (voice, 1995)
Dino Babies (voice, 1996)
Da Vinci’s Inquest (1998-2005)
Foolish Heart (1999)
ReGenesis (2004-2007)
Men in Trees (2006-2008)
Level Up (2012-2013)
Legends of Tomorrow (2020)
Snowpiercer (2020-2021)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Neon Rider (1992, 1994)
The X Files (1994)
The Marshall (1995)
The Outer Limits (1995, 1996, 1998)
Sliders (1996)
Poltergeist: The Legacy (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes (1997)
Millennium (1997)
First Wave (1998)
Cupid (1998)
Welcome to Paradox (1998)
Viper (1998)
Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (1999)

Hollywood Off-Ramp (2000)
Level 9 (2001)
The Chris Isaak Show (2001)
Dark Angel (2002)
Jeremiah (2002)
The Twilight Zone (2002)
The L Word (2004)
Touching Evil (2004)
The Newsroom (2005)
Stargate SG-1 (2006)
The Triple Eight (2008)
Santuary (2008)
Murdoch Mysteries (2009)

Life Unexpected (2010)
Endgame (2011)
Call Me Fitz (2011)
The Killing (2012)
Motive (2014)
The Man in the High Castle (2018, 2019)
Mech-X4 (2018)
The InBetween (2019)

Loudermilk (2020)