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Tammy’s Always Dying Wraps

Tammy’s Always Dying Wraps, Amy Jo Johnson,

Tammy’s Always Dying Wraps
by Staff

(December 5, 2018 – Hamilton, ON) Amy Jo Johnson’s second feature behind the camera has wrapped production in this city. Titled Tammy’s Alway’s Dying, the film costars Academy Award nominee Felicity Huffman (Transamerica, American Crime, Desperate Housewives) and Anastasia Phillips (Bomb Girls, Reign, Skins) in a script by Joanne Sarazen.

No stranger in front of the camera, Amy Jo Johnson is best known for her work in series television including multiple seasons on shows like Felicity and Flashpoint (pictured above) and of course playing Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series and movies. She began directing short films in 2014. Tammy’s Alway’s Dying is produced by Jessica Adams of JA Productions and is co-produced with Harry Cherniak of Plainspeak Pictures.  It is executive produced by Martin Katz and Karen Wookey of Prospero Pictures, as well as Joannie Burstein along with Felicity Huffman and Amy Jo Johnson.

Described as a “dark comedy” the synopsis supports that description: Tammy’s Always Dying follows 35-year-old Catherine (Phillips), as she has to talk her charismatic yet self-destructive 
mother Tammy (Felicity Huffman) off the ledge of the same bridge every month when the welfare money runs out.  But when Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Catherine’s role as caregiver intensifies.  Growing more and more isolated, Catherine turns to a glamorous agent, who suggests that Catherine sell the only interesting thing about herself – her miserable life story.  Caught between an enabling mother-daughter relationship and talk show attention, Catherine begins to view her mother’s death as her only way out.  The only problem is, Tammy just won’t die. 

Supporting cast includes Clark Johnson (S.W.A.T., Bosch, The Wire), Aaron Ashmore (Killjoys, Veronica Mars, Smallville), Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black) and Lauren Holly (Dumb and 
Dumber, NCIS).

Tammy’s Alway’s Dying was produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada, Tajj Film Distribution, NABET 700-M UNIFOR and Eggplant Picture & Sound.  Commissioned by 
Bell Media’s Crave and CBC Films, it was developed with the assistance of The Harold Greenberg Fund and the Canadian Film centre (CFC), and with support from IFP.

As the shoot has just wrapped, there are no details such as length or release dates available. Click here for more about Tammy’s Alway’s Dying.