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Ten For Grandpa


7 minutes
Festival release date: January 17, 2009 (Sundance)
Release date: June 19, 2009

Director Doug Karr’s grandfather was the international power-player David Karr, who died a few short months before Doug was born. Ten For Grandpa is a dramatic comedy exploring the ten questions Doug has always wanted to ask his notorious grandpa whose life included stints as a White House press reporter, a film producer, a powerful millionaire, a defense contractor, a corporate CEO, and some have alleged, a Soviet agent. Ten For Grandpa tries to decipher if this mysterious ancestor really was a manipulative antihero or simply a victim of a McCarthy witchhunt. Filmed in Toronto, Ten For Grandpa premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.



Edward Boyce
Heather K. Dahlstrom
Guy Godfee
Doug Karr


Doug Karr


Doug Karr


Guy Godfee


Mark Stephan Kondracki

Cast: Roles:

David Alpay
David Huband
Catherine Black
Shannon Beckner
David Cormican
Ann de Villiers
Connor Edwards
Colette Kendall
Geza Kovacs

David Karr
Katherine Karr
Avia Karr
Alden Karr
Grandma Karr
Alden Karr at 4
Wendy Karr
The Coroner