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Termini Station

Termini Station, image,
This image was scanned from an original publicity still for Termini Station in the Northernstars Collection.

108 minutes – Drama
Festival release date: September 1989, Toronto International Film Festival
Release date:
Production company: Saturday Plays Ltd.
Canadian distributor: Northern Arts Entertainmenc

There is a certain anonymity to be found in big cities. And there is more truth than most people can handle in small towns and communities. A common truth. The truth that everyone knows everything about everybody. In the small town that provides the setting for the back story in this fine film by Allan King, there has been a suicide. Colleen Dewhurst is the widowed matriarch of the Dushane family. Her late husband took his own life after threatening their daughter with a gun. No one has been the same since. Molly Dushane deals with the unwelcome reality she inherited by finding a new reality in the comfort of alcohol. She is also suffering from a terminal illness and aches to go to Italy before it’s too late. It falls to her daughter, Micheline, played by Megan Follows, to take her. Once there, they find a perspective allowed almost uniquely by the combination of distance and time. The title comes from the name of the main railroad station in Rome.

Filmed in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Termini Station was nominated for six Genie awards including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay. It was Colleen Dewhurst’s last film.

Termini Station, movie, poster,



Allan King

Executive Producer:

Don Haig
Douglas Leiterman

Associate Producer:

John Board
Nicholas J. Gray


Allan King


Colleen Murphy


Brian R.R. Hebb


Gordon McClellan


Mychael Danna

Production Designer:

Lillian Sarafinchan

Art Director:

Jaro Dick (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Patti Unger

Cast: Roles:

Megan Follows
Colleen Dewhurst
Debra McGrath
Gordon Clapp
Norma Dell’Agnese
Hanna Lee
Elliott Smith
Heather Smith
Laurie Waller-Benson
John Dolan
Leon Pownall
Judy Marshak
Paul Silver
Robert Collins
Wayne Taylor
Brent Stait
Paul Bettis

Micheline Dushane
Molly Dushane
Liz Dushane
Harvey Dushane
Valerie Dean
Nellie Wong
Charles Marshall
Betty Marshall
Mr. Stein
Dr. Lapinski