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That Beautiful Somewhere (2006)


That Beautiful Somewhere (2006)

;That Beautiful Somewhere; Photo and poster courtesy of Equinoxe Films A “beautiful somewhere” just might be a place we all hope really exists. The story centres on a young archaeologist, Catherine Nyland (Jane McGregor) who travels to an almost gothic vision of the Canadian north country to investigate a mysterious ‘bog body” that has suddenly turned up. The body was discovered on native land in a swamp that was once thought to be the site of miracle cures. A miracle cure is just what Catherine needs because she is hiding a critically painful condition. In search of the truth, she teams up with a detective, played by Roy Dupuis. His character, Detective Conk Adams, is haunted by his past role as a pilot in the Bosnian war and his current role as legal guardian for his mother who is on life support. Catherine and Conk develop a deep bond as they move closer to the truth of the healing ritual at the bog and the body who they believe to be the infamous 1860`s native outlaw, Red Wind. A Beautiful Somewhere is a story of two wounded souls who come together and risk everything to find healing and redemption.

93 minutes – Drama
Release date: April 20, 2007
Canadian Distributor: Equinoxe Films
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Roy Dupuis
Jane McGregor
Gordon Tootoosis
David Fox
Bob Clout
Lindsey Cote
Ron Payne
Jim Calarco
Sally McDonald
Shiayana Cote
Gabe Giroux
Angeline Pitawanakwat

Robert Budreau
Ian Murray
A.W. Plumstead
Matthew Shore
Robert Budreau
Robert Budreau
Andrew Watt – CSC
Mitchell Lackie
Steve London

Detective Conk Adams
Catherine Nyland
Professor French
Dr. James
Red Wind
Officer Hayward
Sergeant Mathis
Florence Adams
Tiny Wind
Father Gabe
White Wind