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That Burning Feeling

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90 minutes – Comedy
Release date: 2014
DVD release date: January 13, 2015
Canadian distributor: Search Engine Films
International distributor: Joker Films

After a ‘hot’ streak in which he sleeps with 13 girls in two months, Adam goes to bed thinking he`s had everything he ever wanted. Next morning he wakes up with the one thing nobody ever wants. That burning feeling. Although a Sexually Transmitted Infection doesn’t have to be a life-changer, what starts off as a painful (mis)-diagnosis for the golden boy, triggers a series of hilarious and embarrassing events when Adam sets out to find and notify his string of now bitter ex-lovers. While enduring his humiliating series of uncomfortable confrontations, Adam meets the girl of his dreams (who he ironically hasn’t slept with), and he finds out that getting an STI may have been the best thing that never happened to him… and how often have you heard that? The script was written by Nicolas Citton based on a story by Jason James and Nicolas Citton. That Burning Feeling had its World Premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival on September 29, 2013.

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Jason James
Marc Stephenson
Mary Anne Waterhouse

Executive Producer:

Jhod Cardinal
William Santor
Andrew Chang-Sang


Jason James


Nicolas Citton


James Liston


Jamie Alain


Andrew Harris

Cast: Roles:

Paulo Costanzo
John Cho
Tyler Labine
Ingrid Haas
Emily Hampshire
Jay Brazeau
Carrie Fleming
Carrie Ruscheinsky
Diana Bang

Adam Murphy
Roger Whitacre
Frank Purdy
Liv Ericksson
Dr. Fishburn
Renee / Mermaid
Farrah Greene