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The Colour of Ink

The Colour of Ink, movie, image,
Photo of Jason S. Logan by Brian D. Johnson, courtesy of NFB.

105 minutes – Documentary
Language: English, Spanish, Japanese
Festival release date: Septeber 15, 2022 – TIFF
Release date: TBA
Production companies: National Film Board, Sphinx Productions
Canadian distributor: National Film Board

The Colour of Ink follows Jason Logan, who creates unique inks for some of the world’s most celebrated artists by using highly unconventional materials, many of which he finds while foraging in locations ranging from the landfill beaches of Toronto’s Leslie Street Spit to the Mojave Desert. It also traces the history of ink, first discovered, almost simultaneously, in Egypt and China.

The Colour of Ink, movie, poster,



Brian D. Johnson
Sherien Barsoum (NFB)
Lea Marin (NFB)

Executive Producer:

Anita Lee (NFB)
Ron Mann

Associate Producer:

Kate Vollum (NFB)


Brian D. Johnson


Nicholas de Pencier C.S.C.


Robert Kennedy


Don Kerr

Cast: Roles:

In order of appearance:
Jason Logan
Koji Kakinuma
Justin Bullock
Cats Kelly
Liana Finck
Esther Van Hulsen
Habucuc Avendario Luis
Heidi Sopinka
Soren Logan
Winter Logan
Lux Logan
Heidi Gustafson
Corey Bulpitt
Manuel Loera Fernandez
Fidel Cruz
Maria Cruz
Margaret Atwood
Yuri Shimojo
Arvid Al Chalabi
Thomas Little
Julia Norton
Wendy Macnaughton
Marta Abbott
Soroya Syed
Chris Fouts
Marta Abbott
Soraya Syed
Eva Novak