The Killing of Phillip Boudreau


45 minutes – Documentary
Release date: August 8, 2020 – CBC POV Docs
Production company: Tell Tale Productions, in association with CBC POV Docs
Canadian distributor: Tell Tale Productions

The Killing of Phillip Boudreau is the story of a death that tore apart the Nova Scotia community of Isle Madame – a cluster of postcard-perfect Acadian fishing villages off the coast of Cape Breton. Phillip Boudreau, a local man known for poaching lobsters, was killed by fishermen in a crime the media dubbed ‘Murder for Lobster’, which made international headlines seven years ago. But as anyone from Isle Madam will tell you, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Boudreau already had a criminal record with multiple offenses and many Islanders saw him as a bully who had terrorized the community for years.

The Killing of Phillip Boudreau was produced with the assistance of the Canada Media Fund, and with the participation of Rogers Documentary Fund. The poster image for this film was created by Northernstars to serve as a placeholder and is not the official poster for this documentary.



Erin Oakes

Executive Producer:

Edward Peill


Megan Wennberg


Megan Wennberg

Story Editor:

Ed Hatton (Story Consultant)


Paul McCurdy


Warren Jefferies


Blain Morris

Cast: Roles:

Jake Boudrot
Rhéal Landry
Jean Claude Heudes
Steve Drake
Shane Russell
Nicole Gionet
Sgt. Mark MacPherson
Lilian Gionet-Marchand
Gabriel LeBlanc
Logan Fralic
Michael Gaudet
Jamie Hiltz
Craig Tanner
Gary Tanner

Himself (Journalist)
Himself (Fisherman)
Himself (Crown Prosecutor)
Himself (Co-council with Steve Drake)
Herself (Mother of Rhéal Landry)
Himself (RCMP)
Herself (Rhéal Landry’s Grandmother)
Himself (Local historian)