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The Porter, series, image,
Image courtesy of CBC.

60 minutes – Drama, mini-series,
Language: Emglish
Date of first broadcast: February 22, 2022
Production companies: Inferno Pictures, Sienna Films
Originating Networks: CBC, BET+

Set in the early 1920s and inspired by real events, The Porter is a gripping story of empowerment and idealism that highlights the moment when railway workers from both Canada and the United States joined together to give birth to the world’s first Black union. Set primarily in Montreal, Chicago and Detroit as the world rebuilds after the First World War, the series depicts the Black community in St. Antoine, Montréal. Known at the time as the “Harlem of the North,” it follows train porters Junior Massey (Aml Ameen) and Zeke Garrett (nnie Rowe), Junior’s wife Marlene (Mouna Traor), and upstart performer Lucy (Loren Lott), as a tragedy in the community sets them on starkly different paths to a better life. While Junior takes advantage of a broken system to pursue money and power in gambling and bootlegging, Zeke fights the railway to change the system from within by unionizing the Black porters. Marlene questions whether her work as a Black Cross nurse is truly serving her community, while Lucy takes her success into her own hands – whatever the cost. As each pursues their goals, their once unbreakable bonds are stretched to their limits. Will they need to betray each other and their community to make their dreams reality?

The Porter, eight 60-minute episodes, was created by Arnold Pinnock, Bruce Ramsay, Annmarie Morais, Marsha Greene and Aubrey Nealon.

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Marsha Greene (Showrunner)
Annmarie Morais (Showrunner)

Executive Producer:

Marsha Greene
Ian Dimerman (Inferno Pictures)
Jennifer Kawaja (Sienna Films)
Alfre Woodard
Charles Officer
R.T. Thorne

Co-Executive Producer:

Arnold Pinnock
Bruce Ramsay

Line Producer:

Lisa Cichelly


Charles Officer
R.T. Thorne


Annmarie Morais
Marsha Greene
Andrew Burrows-Trotman
Priscilla White
Arnold Pinnock
Bruce Ramsay
R.T. Thorne

Cast: Roles:

Aml Ameen
Ronnie Rowe Jr.
Mouna Traoré
Loren Lott
Alfre Woodard
Oluniké Adeliyi
Arnold Pinnock
Bruce Ramsay
Paul Essiembre
Adam Hurtig
Erik Athavale
Lauren Cochrane
Luc Roderique
Sabryn Rock
Adam Brooks
Djouliet Amara
Josh Strait
Jason Salamandyk
Aaron Merke
Ryan DeLong
Scott Cloney
Andrew Cromwell
Jahron Wilson
Mpho Koaho

Junior Massey
Zeke Garrett
Marlene Massey
William Edwards
Officer Gregory Dawson
Charles Monnastes
Winchester Barnes
Gwen Barnes
Agent Flynn
Police Officer
Canadian Customs Inspector
CBRE Worker
Teddy Massey