Home Series The Border (2008-2010)

The Border (2008-2010)


Created by:
Jerremy Hole
Janet MacLean
Peter Raymont
Lindalee Tracey

Debut: January 7, 2008
Network: CBC Television

60 minutes – 13 episodes (2008)
60 minutes – 13 episodes (2009)
60 minutes – 13 episodes (2010)

One of the things that defines Canada is our belief that we are separated from the United States by what we have come to call, “the world`s longest undefended border.” It is this imaginary geopolitical line on a map that provides the title for the 2008 CBC television series. Each week, a team from the elite, fictional, Immigration and Customs Security Squad (ICS) gets to deal with the latest border-security crisis.



Brian Dennis
David Barlow
Janet MacLean
Eric Steelberg

Executive Producer:

Peter Raymont
Linda Lee Tracey


Denis McGrath
Greg Nelson

Associate Producer:

Janice Dawe

Consulting Producer:

Sarah Dodd
John Fawcett


John Fawcett
Philip Earnshaw


Janet Maclean
Alex Levine
David Barlow


Gavin Smith
D. Gregor Hagey


Brett Sullivan
Christopher Donaldson
Paul Winestock
Teresa De Luca
Matthew Anas
George Roulston


Mark Korven

Production Designer:

Benno Tutter

Costume Designer:

Ruth Secord
Lea Carlson

Cast: Roles:

James McGowan
Nigel Bennett
Jonas Chernick
Catherine Disher
Sofia Milos
Mark Wilson
Jim Codrington
Graham Abbey
Nazeen Contractor
Tonya Lee Williams
Ted Atherton

Sarah Podemski
Bayo Akinfemi
Alberta Watson
Nicholas Campbell
Sarah Gadon

Major Mike Kessler
Agent Andrew Mannering
Heironymous Slade
Superintendent Maggie Norton
Special Agent Bianca Lagarda (2008)
Detective Sergeant Al Lepinsky
Acting Inspector Darnell Williams
Detectve Sergeant Gray Jackson
Sergeant Layla Hourani
Constance Meade (2009-2010)
Sally Doctor
Suliman Adeen
Minister Suzanne Fleischer
Dougie Jackson (dad to Gray Jackson)
Zoe Kessler