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The Far Shore


105 minutes
Release date: August 5, 1976
Canadian distributor: Astral Films

The Far Shore has been called a work of “astonishing beauty in which the Canadian landscape figures as the principal motif.” The film is fictionalized biography. The plot follows the life of Eulalie Turner (Céline Lomez) who is living a rather boring life in Toronto when she meets the an artist named Tom (Frank Moore, pictured above), a character based on the famous painter, Tom Thomson. Invariably her husband discovers the affair and relates the news to one of his friends. The friend sets out to revenge the betrayal and murders the lovers before the husband can stop him. The Far Shore puts an interesting spin of the still unsolved death of one of Canada’s most renowned artists. The facts, as we know them, say that Thomson disappeared during a canoeing trip on July 8, 1917, His body was discovered on July 16 and the official cause of death was drowning. But even back then there were questions about how he actually died. It has been speculated that he was murdered by a romantic rival, or perhaps due to unpaid gambling debts. No one has ever been tried for causing his death.

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Judy Steed
Joyce Wieland


Joyce Wieland


Joyce Wieland
Bryan Barney


Richard Leiterman


George Appleby


Douglas Pringle

Cast: Roles:

Céline Lomez
Frank Moore
Larry Benedict
Sean McCann
Charlotte Blunt
Susan Petrie
Cosette Lee
Murray Westgate
Jean Carignan
Don Le Gros
Leo Layden

Eulalie Turner
Tom McLeod
Ross Turner
Mary McEwan