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The Forbidden Room


128 minutes – Fantasy/drama
Festival release date: January 26, 2015, Sundance Film Festival
Release date: October 9, 2015
Canadian Distributor: Phi Films/Mongrel Media

As potbellied, satin robe-clad Marv opens The Forbidden Room, he instructs us on the history and significance of bathing. One might never guess what’s in store from Guy Maddin’s ode to the lost movies of the silent era, honouring classic cinema while electrocuting it with energy. Bursting with playful cacophony, Maddin’s opus takes us high into the air, under the sea, around the world, and into dreamscapes, spinning tales of amnesia, captivity, deception, and murder.



David Christensen
Phoebe Greenberg
Phyllis Laing
Guy Maddin
Penny Mancuso

Executive Producer:

David Christensen
François-Pierre Clavel
Niv Fichman
Jody Shapiro

Associate Producer:

Alexandre Perrier
Jean-Marc Vicariot

Supervising Producer:

Jean Du Toit
Emmanuelle-Claude Heroux
Elizabeth Jarvis

Line Producer:

Olivia Cooper Hadjian


Guy Maddin
Evan Johnson


Guy Maddin
Evan Johnson
Robert Kotyk

Story Editor:

Kim Morgan


Benjamin Kasulke (Paris)
Stéphanie Anne
Weber Biron


John Gurdebeke


Galen Johnson
Guy Maddin
Jason Staczek

Production Designer:

Galen Johnson

Art Director:

Brigitte Henry
Chris Lavis
Maciek Szczerbowski

Costume Designer:

Julie Charland
Olivier Ligen
Elodie Mard-Pasqualini
Yso South

Cast: Roles:

Charlotte Rampling
Karine Vanasse
Roy Dupuis
Clara Furey
Louis Negin
Udo Kier
Gregory Hlady
Mathieu Amalric
Noel Burton
Geraldine Chaplin
Paul Ahmarani
Caroline Dhavernas
Jacques Nolot
Slimane Dazi
Maria de Medeiros
Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon
Andreas Apergis
Sophie Desmarais
Ariane Labed
Romano Orzari
Alex Bisping
Kent McQuaid
Neil Napier
Kyle Gatehouse
André Wilms
Christophe Paou
Adèle Haenel
Céline Bonnier
Lewis Furey
Victoria Diamond
Mistaya Hemingway
Mathilda Ekoe
Sienna Mazzone
Vasco Bailly-Gentaud
Éric Robidoux
Amira Casar
Jean-François Stévenin
Graham Ashmore
Darcy Fehr
Kathia Rock
Luce Vigo
Judith Baribeau
Kim Morgan
Marie Brassard
Angela La Muse Senyshyn
Kimmi Melnychuk
Melissa Trainor
Pamela Iveta
Catherine Treskow
John Churchill
Matthew Comeau
Alexandre Skeret
Sherpa Macilu
Miguel Eduardo Cueva
Arthur Holden
Marie-Sophie Roy
Anthony Lemke
Victoire Du Bois
Elina Löwensohn

The Ostler’s Mother
Florence Labadie
Marv / Smithy / Mars / Organizer / Mr. Lanyon
Count Yugh / The Butler / The Dead Father / Guard / Pharmacist
Jarvis / Dr. Deane / A Husband Mathieu Amalric …
Thadeusz M___ / Ostler
Wolf / Pilot / The Captain
The Master Passion / Nursemaid / Aunt Chance
Dr. Deng / Speedy
Bent / Minister of the Interior
Baron Pappenheim
The Blind Mother / Clotilde
Saplingjack 1 / Listening Man / Pancho
Dr. Warren
Jane Lanyon
Alicia Warlock / The Chambermaid
Squid Thief / Madman / Dr. Moarte-Joc
Harlan Kent McQuaid …
Saplingjack 3 / Man with Stones on His Ankles
Saplingjack 2 / Man with Upturned Face
Ukrainian Prisoner
The Mute Invalid
The Skull-Faced Man
Woman Skeleton 1
Woman Skeleton 2
Woman Skeleton 3
Inner Child
The Boy
Mrs. M___
The Doctor
Bathing Man
Nightclub Attendee / Climax Player
A Mother
Oracle Bones Nurse
Mysterious Necklace Woman
Bathing Woman 1
Bathing Woman 2
Forest Nymph
Nightclub Attendee / Climax Player
A Woman in the Street
Karl Le Barron
Scout Doctor
POW Scout
Father’s Posthumous Buddy
Sister Create