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The Grocer’s Wife


100 minutes – Drama
Language: English
Festival release date: September 5, 1991 (Toronto International Film Festival)

The Grocer’s Wife follows the erotic adventures of a certain Tim Midley. He’s a generally attractive sort of guy, but basically your typical mild-mannered gentleman who still lives with his mother. His mother, best described as bossy, has a job monitoring the pollution from a smokestack and one night is rushed to hospital after being overcome by the pollution. Finally, having a few moments alone, Tim invites an exotic dancer, Anita Newlove (Susinn McFarlen) to stay with him. When his mother dies, Anita, instead of leaving town at the end of the week as promised, decides to stay with Tim. The film gets its title from an incident early on in the action when Tim must fend off the advances of Mrs. Friendly, the grocer’s wife.

The Grocer’s Wife won two Genie Awards including the Claude Jutra Award for Direction of a First Feature Film and for Supporting Actress for Nicola Cavendish.

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John Pozer

Executive Producer:

Gregory E. Lavier


Patrick Payne

Associate Producer:

Lynne Stopkewich


John Pozer


John Pozer


Peter Wunstorf


John Pozer
Reginald Harkema


Mark Korven

Production Designer:

Lynne Stopkewich

Cast: Roles:

Simon Webb
Susinn McFarlen
Nicola Cavendish
Jay Brazeau
Andrea Rankin
Alec Burden
LeRoy Shultz
Walter Mills

Tim Midley
Anita Newlove
Mrs. Friendly
Mildred Midley
Hermann Melzer
Mr. Friendly