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The Limb Salesman


91 minutes – Drama
Release date: September 2004
Canadian distributor: ThinkFilm

Set in some post-apocalyptic near future, the film centres on Gabriel Goode who is The Limb Salesman. More succinctly, he is a disgraced doctor who regenerates limbs on the black market. His next customer/patient is located deep in northern Canada. Clara is the daughter of a tyrannical patriarch, Abe Fielder. Gabriel has been hired to regenerate new legs for Clara because her legs are malformed due to a genetic birth defect caused by atmospheric pollutants, a condition not uncommon in this future time. At the family mines, men work in abominable conditions deep beneath the earth`s surface to purify ice veins for water exportation. In this dark story we learn that the good Doctor has his own mysterious past. A past that revisits him in ghoulish nightmares about the time when he had his heart stolen in a black market organ theft, and replaced with a mechanical surrogate. But love conquers all, apparently, and so with new limbs attached, Clara begins a daily routine of exercises and slowly regains her strength and a bond begins to form between them. The Limb Salesman is a story of surrender and sacrifice, in a future where water is the most precious substance and body parts go to the highest bidder. A time when we must confront our darkness and find our hearts.

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Anais Granofsky
Nicholas D. Tabarrok
Ingrid Veninger

Executive Producer:

Ram Fakeer


Anais Granofsky


Ingrid Veninger
Anais Granofsky


D. Gregor Hagey


Ronald Sanders


John Welsman

Production Designer:

Diana Abbatangelo

Costume Designer:

Shannon Pomakov

Cast: Roles:

Peter Stebbings
Ingrid Veninger
Clark Johnson
Charles Officer
Jackie Burroughs
Geoff Murrin
Jim Murrin
Julian Richings
Stan Granofsky
Jacob Switzer
Delphine Roussel

Dr. Gabriel Goode
Clara Fielder
Abe Fielder
Charles Fielder
First Maid
Second Maid
Robot Boy
Girl One / Prostitute