The Long Weekend


85 minutes – Comedy
Language: English
Release date: August 4, 2006
Canadian distributor:

Ed Waxman is an ad executive and if you know anything about the ad biz it`s pressure, pressure, pressure. Ed, played by Brendan Fehr, must create a whole new ad campaign within 48 hours or he’ll be fired. And, naturally, the campaign has to be great. But his brother, Cooper, played by American actor Chris Klein, has other some other ideas. For example, he has taken upon himself as a mission in life to get his stressed-out brother laid. In fact he`s set up a bevy of booty for Ed to meet. Single moms, strippers and desperate older ladies. But Ed goes from dating disaster to dating disaster, and more seriously, he`s not getting any work done. Deep down inside Ed is starting to believe his career is over and so is his sex life. Just when he`s given up all hope he meets the woman of his dreams. Now, if things work out the way they should over The Long Weekend, he’ll be able to save his job and have great sex. Chris Klien said The Long Weekend is…”Cool comedy, a comic web of weekend craziness.”

The Long Weekend, movie poster



Paul Brooks
Shawn Williamson


Pat Holden


Tad Safran


Brian Pearson


Martin Brinkler


David A. Hughes

Cast: Roles:

Brendan Fehr
Chris Klein
Paul Campbell
Kristina Copeland
Michael Daingerfield
Moneca Delain
Catherine Devine
Mike Dopud
C. Ernst Harth
Vera Holman
Angelika Libera
Evangeline Lilly
Dustin Milligan
Dakota Morton
Evan Pinsoneault
Brad Sihvon
Chelan Simmons
Cobie Smulders
Jacqueline Ann Steuart
Andy Thompson
Harvey Gold

Ed Waxman
Cooper Waxman
Mrs. Waxman
Cop #3
Crying Mourner
Naked Girl
Desk Sergeant Mahoney
Gang Member
Older Lady on Bus
Dead Body
Young Ed
Young Cooper


Attractive older woman
Officer Garcia