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The Rowdyman


95 minutes – Comedy
Release date: May 18, 1972

Will Cole (Gordon Pinsent), a rebellious, irresponsible Newfoundlander takes a carefree attitude to his life, but reality catches up to him when the old man who was his mentor (played effectively by Geer) lies on his deathbed. Cole must take responsibility for a friend’s (Convserse) death in an industrial accident and deal with the departure of his girlfriend (Goranson) for Toronto. The Rowdyman is based on Pinsent’s screenplay, and director Carter provided him with a generous cinematic stage to display his comedic and dramatic talents. The film, which became Pinsent’s calling card, was popular at the time of its release and stands up as one of the best films ever made about life on the Rock. – The Essential Guide to Canadian Film.

Gordon Pinsent won a Canadian Film Award for Best Actor for his work on The Rowdyman.

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Lawrence Z. Dane

Executive Producer:

Frank R. “Budge” Crawley


Peter Carter


Gordon Pinsent


Edmund Long


M.C. Manne


Ben McPeel

Art Director:

Barry Lavender

Cast: Roles:

Gordon Pinsent
Frank Converse
Will Gear
Linda Goranson
E.P. “Ted” Henley
Estelle Wall
Stuart Gillard
Austin Davis
Sabina Maydello
Dawn Greenhalgh
Jonathan White

Will Cole
Andrew Scott
Ruth Lowe
Constable Williams
Mary Cole
Constable Bill

Woman on the train