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The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt, image,
Still from the film The Wild Hunt courtesy of TVA Films.

96 minutes – Drama
Release date: April 9, 2010
Canadian distributor: TVA Films

This is a story of the games people play. Sometimes pure fantasy, sometimes startlingly real, sometimes the line between those two extremes begins to fade. Set in a dark forest, this debut feature for director Alexandre Franchi opens as an ancient European ritual is about to take place. It is a reenactment of a battle between the power-hungry Celts, rampaging Vikings, secretive wood elves and a mysterious shaman named Murtagh. Meanwhile, a young man, Erick Magnusson, decides to follow his estranged girlfriend into this medieval re-enactment game only to discover that she has been seduced by one of the players. As the down-to-earth Erik treks deeper into the game in search of his lost love, he inadvertently disrupts the delicate balance of the make-believe fantasyland. Passions are unleashed, rules are broken and the good-hearted game turns into a tragedy of mythic proportion, proving that the worlds of fantasy and reality can truly be a treacherous junction.

Named the Best Canadian Feature at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, The Wild Hunt also won the Audience Sparky Award for Best Narrative Film at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival.

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Alexandre Franchi
Karen Murphy

Executive Producer:

Pierre Even
Mark Antony Krupa
Richard Speer
Josée Vallée


Alexandre Franchi


Mark Antony Krupa
Alexandre Franchi


Claudine Sauvé


Stephen Philipson
Arthur Tarnowski


Vincent Hanni
Gabriel Scotti

Cast: Roles:

Mark Antony Krupa
Ricky Mabe
Kaniehtiio Horn
Trevor Hayes
Nicolas Wright
Terry Simpson
Claudia Jurt
Kyle Gatehouse
Spiro Malandrakis
Victor Trelles
Martin Stone
Holly O’Brien
Kent McQuaid
Nicholas Simard

Bjorn Magnusson
Erik Magnusson
Evelyn / Princess Evelyn
Shaman Murtagh
King Argyle
Bernie / Captain Bernheart
Tamara, a referee
Oliver, a referee
Magnus (Father of Brorn and Erik)
Queen Ambrosia