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The Wrong Guy


92 minutes – Comedy
Release date: August 1, 1997
Canadian Distributor: Lions Gate Entertainment

Dave Foley stars in this comedy as Nelson Hibbert, a nebbish business executive who blows a fuse when he is passed over for a promotion. After being heard by the entire office shouting death threats at his boss, Nelson panics when he goes in to see his boss again and finds him dead, stabbed in the neck. Before he knows it, Nelson has grabbed the murder weapon and gotten blood all over himself. Knowing that he`s now the prime suspect, Nelson runs out of the office and goes on the lam. Though the police, primarily in the form of US actor and co-writer, David Anthony Higgins, soon find out he isn’t the killer, Nelson is too busy running from the law to realize that they’re not looking for him. Made in Toronto in 1997, this film took forever to be released. It essentially expands on a sketch Dave Foley scripted for The Kids in the Hall.

The Wrong Guy, movie poster



Jon Stan

Executive Producer:

Dave Foley
David W Higgins
Jay Kogen


Janet E. Cuddy
Martin Walters


David Steinberg


Dave Foley
David W Higgins
Jay Kogen


David Makin


Christopher Cooper


Lawrence Shragge

Cast: Roles:

Dave Foley
David Anthony Higgins
Jennifer Tilly
Joe Flaherty
Dan Redican
Alan Scarfe
Colm Feore
Enrico Colantoni
Kenneth Welsh
Boyd Banks
Johanna Black
Alan Bridle
Dana Brooks
Arnie Achtman
Valerie Boyce
Richard Chevolleau
David Steinberg
Lindsay Leese
Ed Robertson
Carlo Rota
Jeff Clarke

Nelson Hibbert
Detective Arlen
Lynn Holden
Fred Holden
Ken Daly
Farmer Brown
The Killer
A Creepy Guy
Mr. Nigel
Gas Staton Guy
Mr. Nagel’s Secretary
Bus Station Worker
An Outpatient
A Policeman
Oklahoma Cop