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These Girls (2005)

;These Girls; These Girls tells the story of three teenage girls living small town New Brunswick who, in turn, seduce and then attempt to share an older married man named Keith Clark, played by American actor, David Boreanaz. This is a tale of innocence, jealousy and friendship told as a provocative coming-of-age story. When Keira and Lisa discover that their best friend Glory is sleeping with Keith, they both set out, in their own ways, to seduce him as well. When each discovers that the other is involved with Keith, their friendship is put to the test. However, rather than squabble over him and run the risk of all losing out, they decide to make a pact and share him. At first, Keith puts up resistance to the plan, but soon finds out that he has very little to say in the matter. He takes it like a man and caves in. Their scheme works out well for a while, but eventually all good things must come to an end. On a fateful night, a desperate and sexually exhausted Keith sets in motion his escape plan and everything comes crashing down.

The film, based on the humorously edgy play by Vivienne Laxdal, had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2005.

92 minutes
Release date: March 3, 2006
Canadian distributor: Capri Releasing


Executive Producer:

David Boreanaz
Caroline Dhavernas
Jacques Girouard
Holly Lewis
Amanda Walsh
Colin Berry
Donnell Mackenzie
Paul Spence
Mckenzi Scott
Hannah Chappell
Bill Rowat
Laura Healy
Lita Llewellyn
Randy Boliver
Cody Hartley
Alexander Lawrence
Ian Lawrence

Anne-Marie Gélinas
Sam Grana
John Hazlett
Andrew Noble
John Hamilton
John Hazlett
John Hazlett
Alex Vendler
Benjamin Diffield
Ned Bouhalassa
Peter Hay

Keith Clark
Keira St-George
Lisa MacDougall
Glory Lorraine
Donny Chesniak
Gordon Gruber
Susan Clark
Jasmine Clark
Mr. St-George
Glory’s Mother
Catcalling guy
Boy 1
Boy 2