Things I Do For Money


89 minutes – Crime, Thriller, Action, Heist, Dark Comedy
Language: English
Festival release date: December 6, 2019 – Whistler Film Festival (World Premiere)
Release date: April 9, 2020 (Hamilton, Ontario – World Premiere)
Production company: Federgreen Entertainment, Filmcoop, Raven Banner, Urban Post Production
Canadian distributor: IndieCan Entertainment

Two Japanese-Canadian cello-playing brothers inadvertently steal a bag of money – and all the woes that go along with it – from a lethal Vancouver hit man. Through a confluence of events and massive bad luck, they also have to save their father’s life, steal an $8 million dollar painting and fight for their lives to get into a prestigious music conservatory. Along the way they discover that everyone has a price and that family never bails on family, no matter the cost.

Things I Do For Money, movie, poster,



Avi Federgreen
Emily Andrews
Jen Pogue
Laura Nordin

Executive Producer:

Marvin Waxman
John Laing
Mark Gingras
James Fler
Andrew T. Hunt
Michael Paszt
Byron Kent Wong
Gary Nolan
Warren P. Sonoda


Warren P. Sonoda


Gary Nolan
Warren P. Sonoda


Christoph Benfey


Anna Catley


Maximilian Aoki
Theodor Aoki

Production Designer:

Lindsay Rheault

Costume Designer:

John Dunnett

Cast: Roles:

Maximilian Aoki
Theodor Aoki
Yodit Tewoderos
Jennifer Walton
Rhett Morita
Edward Aoki
Dax Lough
Danilo Reyes
Colette Zacca
Ali A. Kazmi

Nick Yaguchi
Eli Yaguchi
Mary Yaguchi
Tosh Yaguchi
Just Jimmy
Alexi Raduli
Brenda Mickel