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Frederick A. Thompson

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Frederick A. Thompson got into the movie business toward the end of his life and died when he was 55, before the advent of the “talkies.”

Features & TV Movies:
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The Tiger (1913)
The Christian (1914)
The Spitfire (1914)
The Spirit of Poppy (1914)
The Sign of the Cross (1914)
The Goose Girl (1915)
The Country Boy (1915)
The Model (1915)
After Dark (1915)
A Wonderful Adventure (1915)
Her Mother’s Secret (1915)
A Parisian Romance (1916)
Nearly a King (1916)
The Feud Girl (1916)
The Chattel (1916)
An Enemy of the King (1916)
The Man of Mystery (1917)
Danger Trail (1917)
Wild Primrose (1918)
Nymph of the Foothills (1918)
Key to Power (1918)
How Could You Caroline? (1918)

The Marriage Pit (1920)
The Heart Line (1921)