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To Kill a Tiger

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122 minutes – Documentary
Language: Hindi and Nagpuri, with English subtitles
Festival release date: September 10, 2022 – TIFF (World Premiere)
Release date: TBA
Production company: Notice Pictures Inc., National Film Board of Canada
Canadian distributor: National Film Board of Canada

In a small village in Jharkhand, India, Ranjit wakes up to find that his 13-year-old daughter has not returned home from a family wedding. Calls are made, a search ensues, and a few hours later, she’s found stumbling home. After having been dragged into the woods, she was raped by three men, all of whom are known to the family. Ranjit and his wife go to the police, and the men are arrested. But the family’s relief is short-lived when the villagers and their leaders launch a sustained campaign to force Ranjit to drop the charges. They demand the girl marry one of her rapists—a tried and true community solution. This, they feel, is the only way to restore her honour and that of the community. Ranjit defies their edict and embarks on a perilous journey, navigating both the labyrinth of India’s courts and the rising dangers in his village.

To Kill a Tiger follows Ranjit’s uphill battle to find justice for his child. In India, where a rape is reported every 20 minutes and conviction rates are less than 30 percent, Ranjit’s decision to support his daughter is virtually unheard of, and his journey unprecedented. To Kill a Tiger was named named Best Canadian Film at TIFF 2022.

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Cornelia Principe
Nisha Pahuja
David Oppenheim

Executive Producer:

Andy Cohen
Atul Gawande
Andrew Dragoumis
Anita Lee
Nisha Pahuja
Cornelia Principe


Nisha Pahuja


Nisha Pahuja


Mrinal Desai


Mike Munn CCE
Dave Kazala CCE


Jonathan Goldsmith