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B: May 14, 1957 in Ottawa, Ontario

D: October 19, 2006 in Toronto, Ontario

Lindalee Tracey was a Writer-Producer-Director and actor. She was working as an exotic dancer when she was approached by Bonnie Klein, one of the producers behind the 1981 film, Not a Love Story. Tracey appeared as a journalist in the film and served as one of the film’s researchers and presenters. She worked briefly in radio at Montreal’s CJAD before moving to Toronto where she began writing for such establishment publications as Canadian Living and Toronto Life. She also landed a job at CBC radio appearing on their highly popular shows, As It Happens and Sunday Morning. In Toronto she met the man who would become her husband, filmmaker Peter Raymont. They formed White Pine Pictures, which became widely known and highly respected for a string of excellent, often award-winning, issue-oriented documentaries and docudramas. For example, Tracey was Co-Producer and Story Editor for A Scattering of Seeds, a 39 part television series about immigrants which first aired on History Television in Canada. Together they created the television drama The Border, which was eventually broadcast in 2008. Tracey had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. It would eventually spread to her lungs and liver and later her brain when she died in 2006. The Lindalee Tracey Award was created to honour her contribution to Canadian filmmaking.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Credits as a Director:
Voices from the Shadows (TV-1992 co-directed)
Abbey, I Hardly Knew Ya (1995)
Celebrity Inn (TV-1996)
Invisible Nation (TV-1997)
Passing the Flame (1997)
Acadian Spirit (TV-1998 co-directed)
The Force of Hope (TV-1998)
An English Sense of Justice (TV-1999)

Toronto: City of Dreams (TV-2000)
The Anatomy of Burlesque (2003)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
Wednesday’s Children: Jenny (TV-1986)

On the Line (1991)
Voices from the Shadows (TV-1992)
Sceptic’s Journey (TV-1995 co-writer)
Hearts of Hate (TV-1995 co-writer)
Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya (1995)
Invisible Nation (TV-1997)
Passing the Flame (1997)
The Force of Hope (TV-1998)
Saga of Hope (1998)
An English Sense of Justice (TV-1999)

Toronto: City of Dreams (TV-2000)
The Anatomy of Burlesque (2003)

Credits as an Actor:
Not a Love Story (1981)
Other Tongues (1984)
Discussions in Bioethics: Family Tree (1985)
A Time to Live (TV-1985)
People and Science: A Test of Time (1987)
Street Smart (1987)

Not A Love Story, movie poster
This poster for Not A Love Story was scanned from an original in the Northernstars Collection.