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Vic + Flo Saw a Bear

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95 minutes – Drama
Release date: 2013
Canadian distributor: FunFilm Distribution
International Distributor: Films Boutique

Victoria just got out on parole, tasting freedom for the first time in years. Florence (France`s Rommane Bohringer) has also done her time and the two, lovers in prison, reconnect on the outside. With the permission of Guillaume, Vic’s parole officer, the two women decide to settle down together in a sugar shack out in the woods, hoping to relearn life beyond the prison walls. As he watches over the women’s reintegration, their different ambitions and personalities begin to pull them farther and farther apart. When the past catches up with them, their freedom is profoundly jeopardized. Produced in Québec and titled Vic + Flo ont vu un ours in French, the film had its world premiere and won a prestigious Silver Bear award, specifically the Alfred Bauer Prize for Innovation, at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival

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Stéphanie Morrissette
Sylvain Corbeil


Denis Côté


Denis Côté


Ian Lagarde


Nicolas Roy


Mélissa Lavergne

Art Director:

Colombe Raby

Costume Designer:

Patricia McNeil

Cast: Roles:

Pierrette Robitaille
Romane Bohringer
Marc-André Grondin
Marie Brassard
Georges Molnar
Olivier Aubin
Pier-Luc Funk
Guy Thauvette
Ramon Cespedes
Dany Boudreault
Johanne Haberlin
Ted Pluviose
Raoul Fortier-Mercier

Jackie/Marina St-Jean
Émile Champagne
Nicolas Smith
Charlot Smith
Yvon Champagne
Jackie’s assistant
Go-Kart driver
Bar owner
The lover
The cadet