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minutes – Drama
Festival release date: TBA
Release date: 2024
Production company: Smallaxx Motion Pictures
Canadian distributor: levelFILM

As a reflex to violence and tragedy, a middle-aged single mother tries to shield her children, but when a brutal gun spree in the city brings violence to her doorstep, she’s jolted out of stagnation. Finding courage, she secretly cleans the lingering traces of blood, left in abandoned crime scenes in her community. It’s an act that transforms her relationship with where she lives, her family, and herself.

Village Keeper marks the feature film debut of producer-director-screenwriter Karen Chapman. Production on this 2024 release was scheduled to run from June 26-July 14, 2023, in Toronto, Canada.

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Karen Chapman

Executive Producer:

Christina Piovesan
Floyd Kane
Taj Critchlow
Susana Ferreira
Molly McGlynn
Jordan Oram
Lora Campbell
d’bi.young antiafrica.


Karen Chapman


Karen Chapman


Jordan Oram


Tiffany Beaudin
Jordan Hayles

Production Designer:

June Charles

Costume Designer:

Charlene Akuamoah

Cast: Roles:

Olunike Adeliyi
Zahrah Bentam
Patricia Wright-Domingue
Micah Mensah-Jatoe
Oyin Oladejo