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Visiting Hours

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This image for Visiting Hours was scanned from an original set of Lobby Cards in the Northernstars Collection.

105 minutes – Drama, Horror, Triller
Release date: May 21, 1982
U.S. release date: May 31, 1982
Canadian distributor:

Shot in Montreal, Visiting Hours centres on Deborah Ballin, a controversial middle-aged TV journalist (Lee Grant), who is campaigning on air on behalf of a battered woman who murdered her abusive husband, claiming justifiable defense against the so-called victim. Her outspoken views championing women’s rights gets under the skin of one of the studio’s cleaning staff, a closet homicidal psycho and misogynist named Colt Hawker who despises all things female. He has been this way since childhood when he witnessed his mother throwing boiling oil in the face of his abusive father. His M.O. is to photograph his victims as they’re dying from stab wounds he has inflicted on them. Hawker decides Deborah Ballin must be silenced. He rushes to her home, quickly kills the maid then turns his rage onto the journalist as she arrives home. Despite her brutal injuries she manages to survive and is rushed to hospital. Undaunted, Colt Hawker now has her where it will be easy to kill her.

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Claude Héroux

Executive Producer:

Pierre David
Victor Solnicki


Jean-Claude Lord


Brian Taggert


René Verzier


Jean-Claude Lord
Lise Thouin


Jonathan Goldsmith

Art Director:

Michel Proulx

Costume Designer:

Delphine White

Cast: Roles:

Michael Ironside
Lee Grant
Linda Purl
William Shatner
Lenore Zann
Harvey Atkin
Helen Hughes
Michael J. Reynolds
Kirsten Bishopric
Deborah Kirshenbaum
Elizabeth Leigh-Milne
Maureen McRae
Dustin Waln
Neil Affleck
Damir Andrei
Dorothy Barker
Steve Bettcher
Walker Boone
Richard Briere
Terrance P. Coady
Richard Comar
Dora Dainton
Sylvie Desbois
Yvan Ducharme
Sarita Elman
Kathleen Fee
Domenico Fiore
Tali Fischer
Richer Francoeur
Lorena Gale
Angela Gallagher
Judith Gay
Isadore Goldberg
Dean Hagopian
Victor Knight

Colt Hawker
Deborah Ballin
Sheila Munroe
Gary Baylor
Vinnie Bradshaw
Louise Shepherd
Porter Halstrom
Connie Wexler
Patricia Ellis
Elizabeth Hawker
Mr. Hawker
Police Officer
Sally Flavin
Elevator Policeman
Entrance Policeman
Security Officer
Emergency Doctor 2
Mrs. Corrigan
Main Desk Nurse
Policeman 1
T.V. Director
Emergency Nurse
Policeman 2
Nurse 1
Desk Nurse
TV Script Assistant
Old Man with cataracts
Journalist 1
Hospital Administrator