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Votez Bougon

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97 minutes – Comedy
Language: French
Release date: December 16, 2016
Canadian distributor: Remstar

Paul Bougon, egged on by his family, has decided to get into politics. To raise money and awareness, but most money, he starts a new political party, PEN, which stands for the Parti Ecourement National (the National Sickness Party i English). PEN relies on the sale of membership cards as well as illegal donations. He tries to convince his fellow citizens that through him, change will come. Quebeckers, unbelievably, believe in Bougon’s promises he is elected Premier of Québec. Sounding a bit like the Trump election south of the border, Bougon decides his daughter, his son and his brother will have a role to play in his news government. Meanwhile, Rita Bougon, who doubts her husband’s love for her, has traveled south with her sister and falls in love with a handsome Cuban named Chico.

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Fabienne Larouche

Michel Trudeau


Jean-François Pouliot


François Avard
Jean-François Mercier
Louis Morissette


Éric Drouin


FM Le Sieur

Production Designer:

Raymond Larose (Set Designer)

Cast: Roles:

Rémy Girard
Louison Danis
Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc
Antoine Bertrand
Claude Laroche
Laurence Barrette
Vincent Bilodeau
Gaston Lepage
Patrice Coquereau
Louise Bombardier
Roman Blomme
K.C. Coombs
Serge Denoncourt
Joseph Mesiano
Xiao Sun
Antoine Vézina
Lili Wexu
Simon Larouche

Paul Bougon
Rita Bougon
Dolorès ‘Dodo’ Bongoun
Junior Bougon
Frédéric ‘Mononque’ Bougon
Mao Bougon
Jean Bessette
Gratien Therrien
Aline Bessette

TV host