John Walker


B: 1952 in Montréal, Québec

John Walker got his start in photography and turned to documentary filmmaking as a cinematographer for Crawley Films in 1975. He directed his first film, Chambers: Tracks and Gestures (about Canadian artist Jack Chambers) for Atlantis Films in 1982 and was part of the collective that produced and directed A Winter Tan. He has won many awards for his producing, directing and cinematography and has credits on over sixty films. He is the co-founder of DOC, the Documentary Organization of Canada. His documentary Assholes: A Theory was selected to screen as part of the Special Presentations program at the 2019 Hot Docs International Documentary Festival. These are his credits as a Director.

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Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Chambers: Tracks and Gestures (1982)
A Winter Tan (co-director, 1987)

Leningradskaya – A Village in Southern Russia* (TV-1990)
Leningrad* (TV-1990)
Strand: Under the Dark Cloth (1990)
Distress Signals (TV-1991)
Shepherds of the Flock (1992)
Orphans of Manchuria (TV-1993)
Hidden Children (TV-1994)
Tough Assignment (1996)
Utshimassits: Place of the Boss (1996)

The Faith Ferry (2000)
Changing Ground (2001)
Years From Here (2002)
Men of the Deeps (TV-2003)
Passage (2008)

A Drummer’s Dream (2010)
Arctic Defenders (2013)
Quebec My Country Mon Pays (2015)
Assholes: A Theory (2018)

* These two productions aired under the title The Hand of Stalin, a trilogy of films commissioned by and aired on BBC.

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