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B: April 7, 1941 in Montréal, Québec
D: November 28, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario

Born during World War II, Jack Westelman was known for his sense of humour and carved a path from The Catskills to New York to nightclubs around the world then on to Los Angeles, movies, television and back home to Canada. In his impressive list of credits as Danny Wells, most of them on some of the top TV shows of the time, he is usually remembered for his recurring role as Charlie, the bartender, on The Jeffersons appearing in more than 20 episodes during the 10 years the series ran. He also portrayed Luigi (pictured above on the left with co-star “Captain” Lou Albano) in the live-action and animated television series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! In one of his last feature film appearances in the 2013 release, Old Stock, Danny Wells is credited as Jack Daniel Wells.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Roll, Freddy, Roll (TV-1974)
Whiffs (1975)
Gus (1976)
Flo’s Place (TV-1976)
The Shaggy D.A. (1976)
The Hunted Lady (1977)
Goin’ Coconuts (1978)
A Guide for the Married Woman (1978)
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (TV-1979)

Nightside (TV-1980)
Private Benjamin (1980)
Harry’s Battles (TV-1981)
Body and Soul (1981)
Hey Good Lookin’ (voice, 1982)
Great Day (TV-1983)
The Rousters (TV-1983)
The Woman in Red (1984)
Heathcliff: The Movie (voice, 1986)

Life Stinks (1991)
Adventures in Odyssey: A Stranger Among Us (voice, VR-1998, short)
Magnolia (1999)

The Growing Pains Movie (TV-2000)
Snow in August (TV-2001)
The Killing Yard (20001)
Protection (2001)
Swindle (2002)
One Way Out (VR-2002)
Gleason (TV-2002)
The Last Kiss (2006)
Song of Solomon (2007, short)

Vacation with Derek (TV-2010)
Textuality (2011)
Old Stock (2012)
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That (voice, TV-2012)
Come Dance With Me (TV-2012)

TV Series – Cast:
The Jeffersons (1975-1985)

Super Mario Bros. Super Show (1989)

Grossology (2006-2007)

TV Series – Guest appearances:
Love American Style (1972, 1973)
Lotsa Luck (1972, 1973)
Shaft (1974)
Harry O (1974)
Rhoda (1974)
Ironside (1974)
Sanford and Son (1974, 1976)
Columbo (1975)
When Things Were Rotten (1975)
Starsky and Hutch (1975)
Kojak (1976)
The Streets of San Francisco (1976)
Ellery Queen (1976)
The Blue Knight (1976)
Good Heavens (1976)
The Wolfman Jack Show (1976)
What’s Happening!! (1976, 1977)
Sanford Arms (1977)
The Bionic Woman (1978)
Fantasy Island (1978)
Carter Country (1978, 1979)
Eight is Enough (1979. 1981)
CHiPS (1979, 1981)

Nobody’s Perfect (1980)
Lou Grant (1982)
Happy Days (1982)
The Greatest American Hero (1982)
Amanda’s (1983)
The Rousters (1983)
The Fall Guy (1983, 1986)
The A-Team (1983, 1984)
Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats (voice, 1984)
Murder, She Wrote (1984)
Riptide (1984, 1985)
Hunter (1985, 1991)
Silver Spoons (1984, 1985)
Liberty and the Littles (voice, 1986)
Small Wonder (1986, 1989)
Punky Brewster (1987)

Barnyard Commandos (voice, 1990)
The Outsiders (1990)
Batman: The Animated Series (voice, 1993)
Renegade (1993)
Johnny Bravo (voice, 1997)
One World (1998)
Crashbox (voice, 1999)

Potatoes and Dragons (voice, 2004)
Cosmic Cowboys (voice, 2004)
Tilt (2005)
At the Hotel (2006)
Willa’s Wild Life (2008)
Flashpoint (2009)

Unnatural History (2010)
Sidekick (2010)
Scaredy Squirrel (voice, 2011)
Blue Mountain State (2011)
Rookie Blue (2013)