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Wendy Hill-Tout began as a writer/director working on social issue films. Shattered Dreams about one family’s experience with schizophrenia, was produced by the National Film Board and nominated for a Gemini Award, and No Place to Go, about the number of homeless in the streets and jails, won international awards in San Francisco and Columbus. Hill-Tout also wrote and directed the feature Marlene, based on the true story of Marlene Truscott who fought tirelessly to exonerate her husband Steven Truscott from a crime he didn’t commit. It was featured in multiple Canadian festivals, won the runner-up audience award at Whistler, and won or was nominated for numerous directing and feature awards. Her 2022 film, Insanity had its World Premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival and is her first feature documentary.

We list her credits as a Director first.

Features & TV Movies:
VR indicates Direct-to-Video Release

Prairie Women (Co-director, 1987)
Shattered Dreams (1989, short, documentary)
The Perfect Man (1993)
Manon Rhéaume: Woman Behind the Mask (2000, short, documentary)
No Place to Go (2009, short, documentary)
Marlene (2022)
Insanity (2022, documentary)

Credits as a Screenwriter:
The Perfect Man (1993)
Bloodthirsty (2020)
Marlene (2022)
Insanity (2022, documentary)

Credits as a Producer:
The Investigation (Executive Producer, TV-2002)
Pieces of a Dream: A Story of Gambling (Associate Producer , 2003)
Twelve Mile Road (Executive Producer, TV-2003)
Hollywood Wives: The New Generation (Co-Executive Producer, TV-2003)
Word of Honor (Executive Producer, TV-2003)
Undercover Christmas (Executive Producer, TV-2003)
Picking Up & Dropping Off (Co-Executive Producer, TV-2003)
The Clinic (Executive Producer, TV-2004)
Surviving Love (Executive Producer, TV-2004)
The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton (Executive Producer, TV-2004)
Karroll’s Christmas (Co-Executive Producer, TV-2004)
Child of Mine (Co-Executive Producer, TV-2005)
Goose on the Loose (Executive Producer, Producer, 2006)
September Dawn (Executive Producer, 2007)
12 Men of Christmas (Co-Producer, TV-2009)
The Northlander (Executive Producer, 2016)
Parallel Minds (Producer, 2020)
Bloodthirsty (Producer 2020)
Marlene (Producer 2022)
Insanity (Producer 2022, documentary)

TV Series:
Little House on the Prairie (Co-Executive Producer, 2005)
Into the West (Co-Producer, 2005, mini-series)
Saving Grace (Co-Executive Producer, 2007)
Bluff ((Co-Executive Producer, 2013)

Insanity, 2022 documentary, poster,