We’re All In This Together


87 minutes – Comedy-Drama
Language: English
Festival release date: 2021
Release date: TBA
Production company:
Canadian distributor:

Based on the novel by Amy Jones, Katie Boland’s We’re All In This Together focuses on the already dysfunctional Parker family. A video of a woman going over a waterfall goes viral and one of her twin daughters Finn (Boland plays both) is confronted by a news reporter about the event, which is how she learns the woman in the barrel is their mother. “Is” not “was” because mom (Martha Burns) has survived. As Joe Biden would put it, this is a pivotal moment in the life of this family. A scandal ensues and the Parker family must come together to fix past wounds and lay the foundations for a more normal future. No easy thing. The relationship between Finn and her highly-strung twin sister Nicki is best described as volatile. Add to that a younger sister, Paris, is dealing with her own confusions of adolescence. What has been accurately described as a tour de force, Boland, as mentioned, plays the twin sisters, adapted the book for the screen, co-produced it and makes her feature film directorial debut.

Shot in Hamilton, Ontario, the film played at several U.S. film festivals before having its Canadian Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival in December 2021.

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Katie Boland
Paula Brancati

Executive Producer:

Gail Harvey
Jay Firestone

Associate Producer:

Mark Pancer

Line Producer:

Chantal Kemp


Katie Boland


Katie Boland


Colin Hoult


Jim Munro
Gabi Arno


Michael Boland
Nathaniel Smith

Art Director:

Shazia Mawani (Set Decoration)

Costume Designer:

Ana Alic

Cast: Roles:

Katie Boland
Alisha Newton
Jenny Raven
Martha Burns
Madison Cheeatow
Adam Butcher
Nicole Stamp
Daniel Jun
Jenna Warren
Matilda Davidson
Sheldon Davis
Saad Siddiqui

Finn / Nicki
Pink Haired Girl
Red Haired Girl
Adam Pelley